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Irondale Youth Hockey Association Board Meeting Minutes
IYHA March 28, 2013 Board of Directors Meeting:  Called to order 6:36 pm by President Chris Drews
Board Members Present:  Rob Hanson, Chris Drews, Shari Kunza, Mark Klein, John Niedfeldt-Thomas, Bill Jacob, Steve Krahn, Brent Eilefson, Adam Schmidt
Board Members Absent: Nicki Oswald, Rick Laporte, Kara Chamberlain, Tom Rodefeld
Guests:  Bridgette Gombold, Tom Gombold, Andrea Neumann, James Sigmundik, Tim Manson, Cindy Solz
Minutes:  The minutes of the February Board meeting were read. 
 Rob Hanson moved to approve February board meeting minutes as read.   Adam Schmidt second.  Motion passed.
Board Roundtable:
President:  Talked co-op with MV, STF and CR.  Haven’t heard from Roseville or SLP.  Will call North Metro as well.  Along with Coach Schmidt, met with MV president and MV boys HS coach two weeks ago—very productive meeting about the anticipated needs of each association, both boys and girls, with larger follow-up meeting planned for two weeks later.  Then attended the follow-up meeting with IYHA Secretary, Treasurer and Coach Schmidt, meeting with MV’s Boys Coordinator, Treasurer, president and future president.  Very constructive discussion.  Appears MV and IYHA are aligned with respect to being able to provide proper levels of play for all players.  MV, like IYHA, thin at bantams, have a few more peewees than IYHA, and probably don’t need a co-op at the mite and squirt levels, and on girls side appear to have nearly the same numbers at each level that Irondale does.  A co-op has been discussed at prior MV board meetings, with opposition from some of their board.  MV has elections shortly, so there may be some turnover, but best outcome would be a co-op at the bantam and peewee levels and with girls.  Discussed fact that neither MV nor Irondale has exactly won a ton of youth state tourneys, so where is the negative in having a larger pool of kids to choose from?  Talked through financial issues, coach selection and tryouts—IYHA sees none of this as an impediment and the IYHA Board has authority to act.  MV Board will be presented with a motion at their next board meeting, seeking authority to seek co-op with IYHA, ideally for a two year period.  Seemed positive, from a kid development perspective.  Our needs are largely aligned.  Same IYHA group will be meeting with St. Francis soon, for same discussion.  It is understood that STF needs a nearly-full association co-op. 
The Board extends condolences, and asks that we all remember the families of Barry Rog and Kim Tisdale in our thoughts and prayers, both of whom passed away recently.  Maddie and Matt Rog played IYHA as youth players, and Hunter Tisdale has played Mites and was a B1 squirt this past season.  
Vice President:  Tournament checks all in.
Secretary:  Elections are coming.  We have a couple interested in District Rep, one interested in Equipment Manager, one interested in President (with potential for the incumbent to submit interest) and one interested in Secretary.  See notes below.
Treasurer:  Discussed tournament financials—net around $7k after payment from MV.  Some fees still unpaid by a tournament participant, so still working on collecting that.   Discussed STF co-op final accounting.  Discussed return of, or accounting for, STF jerseys, and tourney costs.  Should wrap up financials in the next week or so, and, despite some allegations to the contrary, the Treasurer pretty much nailed all costs on the head.  All ice payments are past due at this point—please pay now. 
Boys Program Coordinator:   Nothing to report.
Girls Program Coordinator:  Want to make sure girls are included in co-op discussions.
Initiation Program Coordinator:  Maternity leave.  Baby boy!
District Representative:  Absent.  No report.
Ice Commissioner:  Absent.  She’s great.
Registration coordinator:  No report.
Equipment Manager:  Jersey collection moving along.  Most should be back this weekend.  Discussed jersey return process improvements.
Boys HS Coach:  Two programs this summer.  Bantams and HS sessions.  Then for younger kids, doing Buzzhockey at Fogerty.  Check boys HS hockey website for info (    
Girls HS Coach:   Absent.
Standing Reports:
Player and Coach Development Committee:     
Lake Region:  Nothing exciting.
Fundraising Committee:  Starting to explore fundraising opportunities.
Potential Partnership Committee:  Dormant.
Website Update:   
Old Business
1.  Will return to the topics of coach selection and tryout process after co-op opportunities are better understood.   Plus due to current board turnover in April.  Discussion about trying to avoid last minute co-op—always preferable but simply cannot be guaranteed.  Need to understand that co-ops are driven with player development in mind, not parental preference. 
New Business:  
1.             Election process discussed.  Will set election for 5:30 to 7 pm, April 18, followed by election meeting and regular meeting.  Haven’t had a real election in years—hopefully our old technology won’t result in hanging chads and litigation.
2.              2013 S.K.A.T.E. Banquet Recap – (working to get some photos on the website)
The first ever Irondale Youth Hockey S.K.A.T.E. Banquet was held on Tuesday, March 26th, 2013 at the Highview Middle School Cafeteria.  There were 53 players that qualified for this event.  Congratulations to all!  High School Hockey Coach Adam Schmidt emceed the event and all players who attended received an award and lots of prizes.
A Special Thank You to all of our generous S.K.A.T.E. Banquet donors:
Albion Ridges  Golf Course (Joel and Cindy Olson)* Dave’s Sports (Fridley) Old Country Buffet (Roseville)
Jim and Molly Barnett * Deordorall Primetime
Brightwood Hills Golf Course Dick’s Sporting Goods Schwann’s Ice Arena
Kevin Bourassa* IHOP Shoreview Tropics
Carroll Goalie School Bill and Mary Jacob * S.K.A.T.E. Program
Champp’s Americana Jim and Deborah Kvaal* SportsClips (Shoreview)
Colette Christianson Mermaid Bowling Alley Walmart
Culver’s McDonald’s (Long Lake Road) Water Park of America
Dairy Queen (Silver Lake Road) Bruce and Andrea Neumann*  
*Indicates an Irondale Youth Hockey Family donor.
Another Big Thank you to the volunteers who assisted with this event:
Teriann Anderson Mike and Ann Martin Bruce and Andrea Neumann
Molly Barnett Julie McFarlane Bev Praml
Mary Jacob Nathan Miller Dale and Chrissie Slarks
Deb Kvaal Jenni Mulligan Adam Schmidt
The Board extends a huge THANK YOU! to Andrea for coordinating this event—we recognize the tons of effort you have put into this successful endeavor, and appreciate you agreeing to chair the SKATE Committee next year!
                John Niedfeldt-Thomas moved to continue the SKATE program next season, with Andrea as Chair of the SKATE Committee to be formed.  Bill Jacob second.  Motion passed. 
3.             Discussed D&O insurance.
                John Niedfeldt-Thomas moved to reinstate the Board’s historical D&O policy.  Shari Kunza second.  Motion passed.             
4.             Introduction of board candidates in attendance.  Tim Manson, D10 Rep, has a son in IYHA, was on board at City of Lakes.  Bridgitte Gombold, D10 Rep, has a daughter and son in IYHA, and is familiar with the many of the challenges faced by IYHA over the years.  Tom Gombold, President, we need to grow the association, do the co-ops to give best levels, but long-term need to grow the association.  Jim Sigmundik, Equipment Manager, has daughter and son in IYHA, has done work with Blaine soccer over the years.  Chris Drews, will declare his candidacy following MV’s decision regarding whether or not to pursue a co-op with IYHA.  Brent Eilefson, Secretary, is running again.  Thanks to all for stepping up.   
Mark Klein moved to adjourn at 7:50.  Bill Jacob second.  Motion passed.