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Irondale Youth Hockey Association Board Meeting Minutes
IYHA January 17, 2013 Board of Directors Meeting:  Called to order 6:30 pm by President Chris Drews
Board Members Present:  Rob Hanson, Chris Drews, Shari Kunza, Mark Klein, John Niedfeldt-Thomas, Kara Chamberlain, Nicki Oswald, Steve Krahn, Brent Eilefson, Rick LaPorte, Adam Schmidt
Board Members Absent: Tom Rodefeld, Bill Jacob
Guests:  Bryan and Kristin Jones, John and Ann Fieberg, James Sigmundik
Minutes:  The minutes of the September Board meeting were read. 
     Shari Kunza moved to approve December board meeting minutes with minor change.  Rick LaPorte second.  Motion passed.
Board Roundtable:
President:  Spoke with SR, no word from Coon Rapids about offloading ice.
Vice President:  C Tourney happened.  C level is essentially gone, so we need to consider a B2 level tourney next year and earlier advertising.  Letter sent to MV re $5000 owed from Thanksgiving tourney, plus no-show team fees from C tourney due to the fact that MV failed to supply all its teams per earlier agreement between the associations.  Need to address volunteer hours in light of no Thanksgiving tourney, and make sure District tourney volunteer needs are met.
Secretary:  Elections are coming.  President, Secretary, Equipment Manager, and D10 Rep.  Start thinking about what position you most covet.
Treasurer:  Absent.  Financials sent to board.  Working to collect cash from late payers.  Not many outstanding.  Players need to be current by February 8 to play in playoffs.  Need to make the payment process a bit easier—unless you click through link in the email reminder, you need to go to the “Edit my Account” tab on the website to make payments. 
Boys Program Coordinator:  No report.
 Girls Program Coordinator:   1/5 Youth Knight was successful.  Up to 16 skaters at U8s.  All is good with the Roseville co-op.
Initiation Program Coordinator:  Second Youth Knight tonight, 1/18.  Kids in jerseys are free (and always should be some might argue).  St. Paul skate at the Rice Park rink has been great for the young squads.
District Representative:  District tourney stuff at D10 meeting. 
Ice Commissioner:  February ice is now loaded. 
Registration coordinator:  Two coaches redlined due to not meeting their CEP and/or age-level module training requirements.   Need a better mechanism to do this next year—unless we consider coaches to be adults and expect them to take care of this themselves without hand-holding and multiple reminders.  General consensus seemed to be that head coaches need to manage their staff.  One coach issue resolved due to circumstances beyond that coach’s control, president signed application for temporary CEP card. 
Equipment Manager:  U12 jerseys have been sent to K1 for resizing.  Recall, they sent us teeny jerseys that failed to meet spec.  Assess sizing for initiation jerseys next year.  Perhaps ask for sizing at registration or have a day where kids can try on jerseys. 
Boys HS Coach:  Youth Knight tonight.  Unfortunately have 3 IYHA games this evening.  We’ll do a better job scheduling next year.  Ran the skills clinic this past Monday, had some HS players attend.  HS players have been assigned mite teams, working to get them there—some have and kids like it.
Girls HS Coach:   Absent.  No report.
Standing Reports:
Player and Coach Development Committee:   
Lake Region:  Bill attended meeting.  MV acknowledged the $5k owed, which comes from LR.
Fundraising Committee:  Starting to explore fundraising opportunities.
Potential Partnership Committee:  Dormant.
Website Update:   John and Ann Fieberg introduced as new website coordinators.  Welcome!
Old Business
1.             SKATE update—Andrea Neumann:   Banquet March 26/28, looking at a couple locations, planning for 75 attendees.  Looking for donations to help pay for event.  Need parent volunteers to help chaperone and clean up, fill out certificates, etc.  Secret special guest.    Report cards should be sent in, either hard copy or email.  See website for details.
New Business:  
1.             Survey regarding interest in co-oping next season.  St. Francis does this, and it would be nice for us to do so as well—get a sense of what people think.  Web admins will support this—using either external survey tool or IYHA website capabilities.  Klein to develop survey questions.  Shari has surveymonkey experience if needed. 
2.             Discussion around player/parent/coach codes of conduct and revisions to IYHA handbook.  Develop expectations, complaint policy and escalation process.  Input from board requested.  Ideal to have these as click-throughs  at registration.  Work to complete before next season’s registration.
3.             Ice scheduling – issue this season with scheduling.  Handout from Nicki detailing the issues.  Nicki’s not pointing fingers, but for the sake of the young families, this needs to be addressed.  Primary issue is consistency in communication of ice times, no last minute changes, etc.  Especially with ADM model, cross-ice, just don’t need that much ice.  Confluence of many issues came together this season which created distress:  co-op with St. Francis, 200 fewer ice hours, change in tourneys—just a bunch of unique circumstances.  Recognize that consistency in schedule and communication is important.  Also, need coaches who are dedicated to the ADM model with expectations that they are on board with the plan—too difficult to share ice with teams that don’t follow ADM.  President apologizes for not following through with ADM communication due to distraction caused by co-op, and next year it will be clearly communicated that ADM adherence is mandatory.  Communication about all these issues to Initiation parents would be helpful.  Secretary to draft communication, VP to review, distribute via email and handout at rink.   
4.             Election—start thinking about positions.  Open are President, Secretary, Equipment Manager, District 10 Rep. 
5.             Trophy case – need the key!   Who has it?  Nundahl maybe.   Let’s talk about upping the décor at SR4.  Banners, pictures of past players, maybe retire a jersey, etc.  Find a way to have locker rooms built for IYHA and HS use.
6.             Moving Board meetings to Sunday nights. 
                Kara Chamberlain moved to move board meetings from Thursday to Sunday nights, time and location TBD.  Adam Schmidt second.  Per IYHA bylaws, John Niedfeldt-Thomas moved to table the motion.  Shari Kunza  second.  Motion passed.
     Shari Kunza moved to adjourn at 8:40.  Rob Hanson second.  Motion passed.