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Irondale Youth Hockey Association Board Meeting Minutes
IYHA Board of Directors Meeting:  Called to order 6:05 by president Chris Drews
Board Members Present:  Bill Jacob, Brent Eilefson, Rick Laporte, Chris Drews, Shari Kunza, Steve Krahn, Kara Chamberlain, Mark Klein
Board Members Absent:  Gerry Johnson, Nicki Oswald, John Niedfeldt-Thomas
Minutes:  The minutes of the May Board meeting were read. 
Rick LaPorte moved to approve May board meeting minutes as read.   Bill Jacob second.  Motion passed.
Board Roundtable:
President:  Missed Presidents meeting but has been meeting with Coon Rapids.  See Boys Coordinator report.  Otherwise dealing with MV and tourney matter.  Reviewed contracts and prepared memo.  Discussion around whether MV ever asked for additional assistance, as they claim we aren’t carrying the load.  Discussion around fact that we each run and are separately responsible for two rinks.  Raffle 50/50, IYHA provides bulk of effort in running the raffle, though MV ticket sales are critical.  Discussed options and whether we would be interested in splitting tourneys.  Discussed response to MV.
                Mark Klein moved to reaffirm May IYHA Board decision to maintain shared tournaments, and directs that IYHA President request that MV produce proof of authority to make a unilateral decision relating to taking over the Thanksgiving tournament, and, absent such proof, IYHA may seek legal counsel to protect IYHA interests in the tournaments.  Kara Chamberlain second.  Motion passed.  
Vice President:  No report.
Secretary:  No report. 
Treasurer:  Still working to transition finances from Cyndi.
Boys Program Coordinator:  Met with Coon Rapids.  Talked started with co-op, then moved to player sharing.  They want to run a co-op at top level peewee and bantams, with each association running its own lower teams.  Thought to propose that IYHA kids can try out for A teams at Coon Rapids, then come back if they do not make the A team.  Essentially, share kids at A level only.  Allows an A team at each level, more depth at B levels. 
Rick Laporte moveD to direct BC and President to pursue player share with Coon Rapids, bringing back final proposal for approval by the Board.  Steve Krahn second.  Motion passed.
Girls Program Coordinator:  Co-op still in progress.  Interest from both Coon Rapids and MV.
Initiation Program Coordinator:  Let’s Play Hockey dates set:  September 8 and September 29, 2 hours each.  Will get fliers printed out—2000.  Parades are signed up.  Road signs, $3.83 per sign plus 99 for the wire stand 2 sides 2 colors.
Mark Klein moved to authorize the ordering of 50 signs for marketing registration.  Steve Krahn second.  Motion passed.
District Representative:  D10 meeting discussion around rescinding the 5 minute major rules. 
Ice Commissioner:  Need to meet with MV to divide ice 70/30.
Registration coordinator:   No report.  Need to set registration fee and date of open.
Equipment Manager:  Received quote from Daves--$44-$49 per jersey.
Mark Klein moved to get exact quote from Lettermans and Daves on the K1 dazzle jerseys away maroon and home gold with stitching.  Rick LaPorte second.  Motion passed.
Standing Reports:
Player and Coach Development Committee:   No report.
Lake Region:  No report.
Fundraising Committee:  No report.
Potential Partnership Committee:  No report.
Website Update:  No report.
Old Business:  N/A
New Business:  
                a.             Rick McKelvie interested in returning and conducting skills clinics and other tasks.  BC to obtain contract from Secretary.
                Steve Krahn moved to renew Rick McKelvie’s contract.  Kara Chamberlain second.  Motion passed.
Motion to adjourn.