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Irondale Youth Hockey Association Board Meeting Minutes
IYHA Board of Directors Meeting:  Called to order 7:16 by president Chris Drews
Board Members Present:  Brent Eilefson, Rick Laporte, Gerry Johnson, Chris Drews, Shari Kunza, Steve Krahn, Kara Chamberlain, Mark Klein, Nicki Oswald
Board Members Absent:  John Niedfeldt-Thomas
Guests:  Adam Schmidt, Andrea Neuman, Tom Gombold
Minutes:  The minutes of the March Board meeting and April Election Meeting were read. 
Rick LaPorte moved to approve March board meeting minutes as read.   Mark Klein second.  Motion passed.
Brent Eilefson moved to approve the April election meeting minutes as read.  Mark Klein second.  Motion passed.
Board Roundtable:
President:  No report.
Vice President:  Absent.  No report.
Secretary:  No report. 
Treasurer:  Vacant
Boys Program Coordinator:  Coaching application is available on IYHA website.  Application will be run through June 15, and advertised all over the place.  Intend to put together a skill development book with HS coach.  Focus on player development needs to improve.  Basic skills needs to be a focus.  Following coach selection, which will include HS coaches, in late August, coaches meeting to discuss handbook and also another meeting mid-season to check progress.  Playing levels:  we need to stretch the kids.  Right now, strongly believe that there will be A teams at all levels (though still remote chance peewees will have a B1).  Larger associations will be allowed to field AA and A teams.  We would plan on playing A, which means standings not kept for games against AA teams, and play AA teams only once.  Play A teams twice.  Recruitment--Need to tap into schools.  Better job recruiting kids.  Maybe allow interested kids to play a weekend rec league that IYHA provides ice for.      
Girls Program Coordinator:  Girls numbers real low next year.  CR willing to coop at 12s and 14s.  Not 10s.  MV interested and will discuss at their board meeting.  SLP may be interested as well.  We have good numbers at 12s, thin everywhere else.  Looking for a replacement Girls Coordinator—would like to find someone with interest and ability.
Initiation Program Coordinator:  Fundraising for Mites, can money be routed to a specific team/level?  Yes if run through VP.  Parade Coordinator—12 volunteer hours will be offered.  Contact Nicki if interested.  Will check into yard signs again.  Coaches meeting at end of season, need for coaches clinics.  Intent would be to run A, B, C, D teams at Mite level next year. 
District Representative:  Attended annual meeting with Gerry.  A/AA discussed.  MN Hockey meeting this weekend (4/21).  Looking to increase USA Hockey fees by $10.
Ice Commissioner:  Absent.
Registration coordinator:  Attended 50/50 raffle meeting.  Probably best to route to Lake Region—it’s glorified pull tabs.  
Equipment Manager:  Most jerseys are back.  We are going to need jerseys at about three levels, including Bantams and Squirts.  Jerseys are deteriorating.  Do we have individuals purchase their own jerseys/numbers?  Discussion around these options.      
Standing Reports:
Player and Coach Development Committee:   No report.
Lake Region:  No report.
Fundraising Committee:  No report.
Potential Partnership Committee:  No report.
Website Update:  No report.
Old Business:  N/A
New Business:  
a.              SKATE program (academic achievement program).  Presentation by Andrea Neuman.  Great experience at North Metro with this program.  Andrea would run the program.  IYHA registers with SKATE, each family is assessed a fee that is used to provide rewards/recognition event for Squirt-Bantams with cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above.
Nicki Oswald moved to approve SKATE program that Andrea would coordinate, and such position will satisfy all IYHA volunteer requirements.  Mark Klein second.  Motion passed. 
Gerry Johnsen moved that we participate at the $5 per skater level and add that fee to registration.  Mark Klein second.  Motion passed.
b.              Jerseys.  Mark Klein has researched exhaustively.  Good quotes on expensive jerseys and less expensive jerseys, with socks and sometimes packaged with sweats.  Debate over parent purchase v association purchase.  Need to ascertain what funds we want to direct at jerseys.  Do you outfit one level a season?  Bite the bullet and do the entire association (+/- $16,000)?
Steve Krahn moved to purchase a minimum of two sets of jerseys for next season—for bantam A and Squirt level. Gerry Johnsen second.  Mark Klein opposed.  Motion passed.
c.             Incentive program.  Reward hard work in the offseason.  10,000 puck club, etc. 
Brent Eilefson moved that IYHA support the implementation of an incentive program to reward kids with t-shirts who achieve training goals to be determined by IYHA coordinators.  Rick LaPorte second.  Gerry Johnsen and Steve Krahn opposed.  Motion passed.
d.             Boys High School Coach as board member.  General discussion around what others do and value coach would add.  Discussed need to have both HS coaches involved, and at least have a board position available even if they choose not to attend meetings.  Directed Boys HS Coach to bring to board a proposal including both boys and girls HS coaches. 
 Rick LaPorte moved to adjourn at 9:00 pm.   Shari Kunza second.  Meeting adjourned.