Promoting youth hockey in New Brighton, Mounds View, St. Anthony and Shoreview, MN
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First Meeting of the reconvened Potential Partnership Committee
January 28, 2012 

Members present: Gerry Johnsen, President;  Mark Klien Boys Coordinator;  Shari Kunza, Girl Coordinator
Also Present: Nicki Oswald, Initiation Coordinator
Boys program, expected player numbers for 2012/13 – 2 bantam, 2 PeeWee, 2-3 Squirt teams.  Mark outlined the new class AA/A levels for Minnesota Hockey next year.  This was piloted in D10 this year with teams in A playing the A teams twice and AA teams once.  Next year this will be across MN hockey with separate tournaments all the way to state.  If we field our own team we likely could play A, if we Co-op we likely would play AA.  Consensus recommendation is to field our own Irondale teams next season and take advantage of the A classifications.
Girls partnership with Coon Rapids working well after some early issues around ice times and locations.  Next year our largest group will be at the U12 level ~20 players with likely not enough for solo teams at the U10 and U14 levels.  Consensus recommendation is to continue Co-op with Coon Rapids similar to last year where they initially skate together at all levels and then determine if co-op or separate teams should be formed at the different age levels.
Schedule an open forum for all IYHA members in February to review the discussion points above and solicit input from our membership.
Open Question – Should we just do this as part of our next Board Meeting on Feb 16 or should we have this as a separate meeting prior to the Feb board meeting?

Supplemental Information submitted by Boys Program Coordinator:

I have talked to Minnesota Hockey about the A/AA split next season.  They will be following the high school model.  However with that being said, Minnesota Hockey said that they will give each individual association to either opt down or up from their current position.  Meaning Irondale could opt down to the class A level and Minnesota hockey would allow this. 
I have also contacted District 10 to see what we would have to do with co-oping outside of District 10 and Tim Timm said that District 10 would not allow us to co-op outside of district 10 and that we need to look inside district 10.
I have contacted Coon Rapids and Spring Lake Park inside district 10 to see if they would be interested in co-oping and both associations said that they would not be interested.  I have contacted North Metro hockey and they were semi interested however they were uncertain because of things going on within their association.  I have also contacted Mounds View about a possible merge or co-op and it was brought up at their board meeting and was denied for both a co-op and a Merge.