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Irondale Youth Hockey Association Board Meeting Minutes
IYHA Board of Directors Meeting:  September 15, 2011        
Meeting called to order at 6:43 pm by Secretary Brent Eilefson
Board Members Present:  Chris Drews, Beth Soberg, Rick LaPorte, Brent Eilefson, Mark Klein, Shari Kunza, Nicki Nelson, Steve Krahn, Cyndi Olson, Kara Chamberlain
Board Members Absent:  None
Guests:  Tom Gombold, Annette Fagerlee, Anderson, Elmes, Ken Busse
Minutes:  The minutes of the July Board meeting were read. 
Beth Soberg movedto approve July meeting minutes as read.  Steve Krahn second.  Passed without debate.
Board Roundtable:
President:  Vacant.
Vice President:  Met with MV, tourney planning going good.  Short 12 teams right now; winter tourney on girls side 15 short.  Hoping to get all slots filled before October.   
Secretary:  Not much response to email seeking president.
Treasurer:  Will be submitting resignation next month, but willing to work with replacement to get them up and running.  IYHA finances are tracked using Quickbooks, other than that nice to have a finance person in the role.  The Board expressed its gratitude for all Cyndi has accomplished since she took over the books, and certainly understand the need to focus on family first during this challenging time.
Boys Program Coordinator:   Still looking for B2 bantam and B2 peewee coaches.  Boys warmups start on Monday.  Tryout evaluators have been selected.  Tryouts are 10/7, 10/10-10/12
Girls Program Coordinator:  Coaches narrowed down, levels being assessed at each age group.  The coaches are all very good and the co-op with Coon Rapids is proceeding smoothly.  Co-oped at all levels except U8.  Waiver process needs to be followed, and treasurer/ice coordinator need for each side need to be in touch.
Initiation Program Coordinator:  Coaches identified.  First Let’s Play Hockey next Saturday, 9/24.  Fliers have been distributed at IHS feeder schools.   
District Representative:  Bantam/U14 tag-up offsides this season.  All coaches need to complete background screening.  D10 mandatory coaches/managers meeting coming up.  All head coaches and managers need to attend:  U10/Squirts October 29, meeting at Champlain; October 30, U12/U14/peewee/bantam at Champlain.  This year, $350 D10 league fee for all teams.  Level 1 reffing clinics at Fogerty 10/1, 10/9.  Coaches are encouraged to go to USA Hockey and review ADM model.  All coaches (level 1-5) are required to take age-specific module ($10, about 4 hours, go to MN Hockey website).  Coaches need to recertify if their CEP expires this year (and Level 1 and Level 2 all expire).  Level 3 may or may not expire this year—if so, go online to renew and take age-specific module; if not expiring, still need to take age-specific module.  This season, A Bantam playoffs will use A and AA playoff format.  Next year include A Peewees.  Girls final declarations due ASAP, please.  Blaine area will have a Junior Gold and U16 programs for those interested.  9/18, 4pm, level I and II clinics opened for registration.  Get on it asap.  Very limited spots.     
Ice Commissioner:  Tryouts set.  Trained in on new D10 website ice/game scheduling software.  Games and tourney games need to be sent to Kara.  Same financial penalties for game changes.  All hours of ice will be allocated one month at a time—coach responsibility to ensure the ice gets used or that team eats it.  Discussion around difficulty of ice allocation—thus importance of coaches managing their own allocated ice. 
Registration Coordinator:  Need to get out and promote registration.  Need to be registered and paid current before you can skate.  Coaches need to do background check.
Equipment Manager:  Socks and initiation jerseys are in.  Deck box is open for equipment donations at my house.  Equipment will be brought to Lets Play Hockey event.  Jerseys need to be figured out for the co-op teams.
Standing Reports:
Player and Coach Development Committee:   Been on ice with girls for two weeks.  Been involved in coaching selection, Coon Rapids has some good coaches, as well as the good coaches IYHA contributes. 
Lake Region:  Need someone to sit on Lake Region board.  Free dinner, volunteer hours.  One meeting a month.  Let us know.  We have one potential candidate.
Fundraising Committee:  No report.  5K this weekend; equipment swap.  Volunteers arrive by 7:15.
Potential Partnership Committee:  Dormant. 
Website Update:  No report.
Old Business
1.  Co-Op Update:  We will be called the Red Knights – new logo needed.  All is good.  12A and B planned, working on assessing other levels.
New Business:  
1.             Goalie Coach - $250/hr for GDI; $80 for Adam.  If Adam is flexible, maybe he can work with individual teams, smaller groups.  McKelvie to contact Adam for more info.
2.             Petitions to play up – Grade appropriate does not require board vote. 
                Rick LaPorte moved to grant the petitions of Elmes, Chamberlain and Drews to allow their children to skate at Squirt level.  Shari Kunza second.  Passed following minimal debate.
3.             Player Waiver from Como-Johnson.  
Steve Krahn movedto grant waiver of Connor B. and allow Connor to tryout for IYHA A peewee team.  Rick LaPorte second.  Passed following debate.
Further discussion around player waivers and IYHA general policy that waived players not be eligible to tryout for IYHA A teams, absent Board vote and consideration of best interests of IYHA teams and players.  In all events, team size at the waived level needs to be considered, as well as an assessment of the talent at the waived level, in order that all kids ultimately play at the most appropriate level based on their skill.  Discussed limiting waiver decisions to a case-by-case basis, and then separating the issues of a general waiver in accordance with IYHA policy versus a waiver with a request that the waiver player be allowed to tryout for IYHA’s highest team at the particular level.  Noted that no other waivers have come to the attention of the Board, and that this is the final Board meeting prior to tryouts.  The Secretary is working to update the IYHA Handbook to bring it current but to also reflect current Board thinking on this and other issues. 
Brent Eilefson movedto reaffirm, and require handbook to reflect, that IYHA policy is that kids seeking to waive into IYHA from associations which do not have an A team not be allowed to tryout for IYHA’s highest team at that level absent Board vote, on a case by case basis, to (i) accept such players waiver, and (ii) allow such waived player to be considered for IYHA’s highest team at that level.  Rick LaPorte second.  Passed following debate.
5.             Want to discuss with Coach Schmidt Board membership for IHS coach.  Need to consider same position for girls HS.  May be difficult to attain a quorum with larger size Board.  Let’s consider our options, recognizing that having the HS coaches involved in the youth program is vitally important.
Mark Klein movedto adjourn at 8:45 pm.  Beth Soberg second.  Meeting adjourned.