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Irondale Youth Hockey Association Board Meeting Minutes

IYHA Board of Directors Meeting:  October 19, 2010               
Meeting called to order at 6:35 pm by Secretary Brent Eilefson
Board Members Present:  Kevin Bourassa, Brent Eilefson, Chris Drews, Steve Krahn, Kara Chamberlain, Beth Soberg, Cyndi Olson, Mike Nundahl, Rick LaPorte, Nina Dojan, Dan Marcouiller
Board Members Absent:  None.
Guests:  None.   
Minutes:  The minutes of the last Board meeting were read. 
Nina Dojan movedto approve September meeting minutes as read.     Dan Marcouiller second.  Passed without debate.   
Board Roundtable:
President:  Dave’s gave us 325 free skate sharpening cards, to provide to kids at tryouts, and for girls and initiation skaters.  Blue Line club has three proposed January dates for kids night at an Irondale HS game—youth get to skate between periods.  Checking to see if IYHA kids in jerseys get in to HS games free.  Thanks to everyone for hard work heading into the season.  For the record, we tried hard to find a partner at the Bantam A level, thought we had a couple options, but in the end those options fell through.
                Beth Soberg moved to approve director of player development contract for this season, same rate as last season.  Nina Dojan second.  Motion passed.   
Vice President:  Tournament coming along.  Have people stepping up for committee.  Need more to step up.  Tournament teams are largely in, only a few openings left.  Teams are paying a gate fee this year, so no charge to visitors and guests.  B1 bantams will play at B2 level for tourney. 
Secretary:  No report.
Treasurer:  Have list of no-pays from prior year, not certain that people are aware of balances due.  They will be contacted by Executive Committee.  Current financials distributed.  First ice-fees will be due end of November, other than initiation.  Remember, we are paying electronically via credit card this year.  One-half of the funds have been received from 5k (run side=$2500; waiting on pancake breakfast side).  Rick LaPorte has Lake Region financials. 
Boys Program Coordinator:  Busy times…tryouts start 10/25.  Volunteer evaluators in place, need non-coach parents to monitor the process—see website posting.  Initiation parents are encouraged to volunteer.  Coaches lined up at all levels except C squirt.  3-4 non-parent coaches lined up.  Need C Squirt coach please!  Some associations pay their coaches, we historically reimburse mileage.  Proposal to pay coaches a flat fee.  Discussion around who pays:  association, team, or split.  How serious are we?   
Girls Program Coordinator:  Teams practicing and scrimmages under the belt.  Girls HS tryouts coming up, waiting it out to see what happens.
Initiation Program Coordinator:  Issues surrounding providing equipment to those with needs.  Looking in to why the master schedule (which is right) is different from drop down schedules (which aren’t).  See new Initiation Tab on website.  No Mite A team this year; waiting to see what D10 competition level looks like.
District Representative:  We need to get coach and manager screening forms in to D10 as soon as teams are set.  Any parent who has locker room responsibility needs form.  No players will be left unattended in locker rooms.  D10 suggesting all associations have a grievance policy—see, e.g., MN Hockey policy.  Assess locker room policy and grievance policy for next month’s meeting.  We will adhere to the MN Hockey policy.  Note that we will have some teams playing in WI this year. Have all D10 levels declarations. 
Ice Commissioner:  Regular season games take priority, and D10 will pull you from tournaments to play district games.  Attended D10 scheduling, all boys done.  D10 is very strict.  Working on November schedules.  Scrimmages should go through Kara.  We can play as many games outside the state as you like and it won’t go against total game caps (if applicable).    
Registration Coordinator:  Missing a lot of volunteer checks, might be due to PO Box issue.  Need past fees paid in full, consider not notifying player following team tryouts pending receipt of past-due amounts, or if volunteer check not received.   
Equipment Manager:  Dave’s is running deals on heavier jackets/pants/hats with IYHA logo.  Dave’s is good to us, check them out.  All socks in.  Game jerseys are around but will need to be sorted; in some cases we are very short, in other cases we have duplicate numbers.  Email to coaches asking about jerseys from last year.  U12 have jerseys.    
Standing Reports:
Player and Coach Development CommitteeBoth the girls and boys clinics are now done and for the most part were very well attended especially considering conflicts with football, soccer etc. The players worked extremely hard and had fun while developing skills. Coaches participation varied at the different levels, but for the most part was very good. Irondale is very fortunate to have the coaches that we have.
Over the years I have seen training camps run numerous ways. This year was interesting as it was longer and try outs delayed. I believe because of early season conflicts this is the best way to run early season skating. I know some feel we should have our teams picked by know, but I would have to disagree with that. Long term we are better off by developing skills early before the teams are picked. The season length allows coaches to work on team concepts.
One of the most exciting developments is the hiring of Adam Talatinick as our goalie coach. I have heard nothing but good about him from goalies, coaches and parents. Participation has been pretty good except at the Bantam level. I did talk with the 3 goalies about making every effort to make the clinics. The clinics will continue all season.

LakeRegion:  Meeting is tonight.
Fundraising Committee:  Nina went to last meeting.  Dine and Discount cards are ordered.  Families will be issued cards to sell.  Aiming for distribution around 11/6, blast 11/20.  Kevin to send email to members with memo from fundraising committee. 
 Potential Partnership Committee:  Dormant. 
Website Update:  No report.
Old Business
New Business:  
Rick LaPorte movedto adjourn at  7:50pm.  Chris Drews second.  Meeting adjourned.