Promoting youth hockey in New Brighton, Mounds View, St. Anthony and Shoreview, MN

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March 2004 Meeting Minutes


From the President

            I want to thank all of our candidates that have volunteered for Board positions. IYHA is a volunteer driven organization and it takes many people to keep it running! One volunteer that we still need is for apparel. If you are interested in this, please call me.

I hope you are enjoying your 2nd and / or 3rd sport season. If you are playing hockey in the Spring and Summer, fantastic! Enjoy the Summer and we will see you in the Fall – it will be a great year!  


            Brad DeKanick, President


Elections: Elections for the open positions on the Board of Directors of the Irondale Youth Hockey Association will be held immediately after a brief business meeting. Nominations include:


Vice President (2 year term, even years)

Brian Johnson:

My name is Brian Johnson.  I have two sons playing in the Irondale Youth Hockey Association.  Mitchell (10) started in 3rd grade as a Mite and then played two years as a Squirt.  Nathaniel (7) has skated two years as a Mini-Mite and this last year as a Mite.  I was the team treasurer for Mitchell's Squirt teams and found the experience rewarding.  I would like to continue helping IYHA in the position of Vice President. 


Treasurer (2 year term, even years)

Jeanne Falconer:

I'm Jeanne Falconer and I'm running for the position of treasurer of IYHA.  I have been in the association for about 14 years, with 3 years left.  I have served on the board part of this past season as V.P.  I have some accounting experience and I have worked with "money" for a number of years, in different capacities.  I will do my best to do as good a job as Cindy has done.


Minnesota Hockey District Representative (3 year term; 2004, 2007, 2010, 2013)

Tom Welty:

Without volunteers, there is no Irondale Youth Hockey. The benefits that my children receive today are largely the result of the volunteers in previous years who have given their time and energy to sustain and grow our program. In that spirit, I see the District Rep. position as way for me to give back to an organization which has given us a lot.

My wife, Theresa, and I have been members of IYHA for seven years. We have a boy and a girl, both of whom love to play hockey.


Ice Commissioner (3 year term; 2004, 2007, 2010, 2013)

Becky Ewing:

My name is Becky Ewing and my son was new to IYHA this year.  I am interested in the position of Ice Coordinator.  For 2 years I was the ice coordinator for Blaine Youth Hockey, so I am familiar with the ice max software that is used, obtaining the hours, meetings to schedule game and scheduling practices at several arenas.  In those two years I had to schedule for 20 in house teams and 18 traveling teams.  I have also been the tournament coordinator for Blaine for 2 years in which we had 3 tournament weekends a year to schedule for.  I would like the opportunity to use my knowledge in this area to serve the players and parents of IYHA.


Equipment Manager (3 year term; 2004, 2007, 1010, 2013)

Randy Bortot:

My name is Randy Bortot and I would like to be considered for the Irondale Youth Hockey Association Equipment Manager position.  I have been involved with the IYHA as a coach, parent, tournament director, evaluator and volunteer for the last 10 years.  I currently have 3 children in the Irondale youth program, a daughter who will move up to the high school program next year, a son in peewees, and a son in mites.  I have first hand knowledge of hockey equipment from playing goalie myself for over 30 years.  I feel it is important to continue to make sure teams and players have appropriate uniforms and gear.  Having worked with many of the goalies in the Irondale association, I have an interest in making sure that we continue to supply them with high quality, properly fitted equipment, for their safety and skill development.  Thank you for your consideration.                 ----- Randy Bortot



From Cindy Rundle, Treasurer:

For all non-parent coaches, please send you mileage report to Cindy Rundle. She is wrapping up the accounting for the hockey year and would like to have all reimbursements completed as soon as possible.

Thank you!




There have been several teams that have sponsors for their teams. These are listed below. This part of the newsletter will continue throughout the rest of the IYHA season. Please notify Niki Gjere of any additions or corrections. (Please forward information about websites and addresses, etc.) Many thanks to our sponsors!


Pee Wee B Team:

**John Bailey—our goalie Beau’s Dad**

**Victor Kretsch, Quality Post Service (Zach Ewing’s Grandpa)**



**Mike Bridgeman**


Girls 10U Maroon Team:

**Champp’s New Brighton**

**Real Estate Appraisers (the Slipka’s)**

**Fuji-Ya Restaurant (the Hanson’s**)


Girls 10U Gold Team:

**Champp’s New Brighton**

**Real Estate Appraisers (the Slipka’s)**



**Razor’s Edge, New Brighton**



**New Brighton Sportsmen’s Club**


Once again, many, many thanks to our sponsors!

Please support them! When you see them, please tell them you are from Irondale Youth Hockey!


The Board of the Lake Region Hockey Association meets on the third Tuesday of every month at various locations. If you are interested in attending the next meeting, please call Gayle Goben at 651-638-9756.



All IYHA Board Meetings are open meetings.

Please feel free to come to the meetings, which are held at the Mounds View City Hall in Conference Room C. Also, if you wish to have a copy of any information which is distributed at the meeting, please email or call Niki and it will be mailed to you. Upcoming dates for Board meetings (all Wednesdays): May 19, 2004; June 23, 2004; July 21, 2004; August 18, 2004; September 22, 2004; October 20, 2004; November 17, 2004; December 15, 2004

NOTE: If you wish to be on the agenda for the meeting, please contact Brad DeKanick.

Irondale Youth Hockey Association Board Meeting Minutes:

Wednesday, March 17, 2004. Note—these minutes have not been approved by the Board of Directors. They will be reviewed, revised, and approved at the next regular meeting.

Present: Brad DeKanick, Jeanne Falconer, Niki Gjere, Cindy Rundle, Mick Mata, Dan Marcouiller, Chris Tahti, Pat O’Connor, Gary Rundle, Dan Beeson.       Absent: Steve Kracht.    Guests: John Dalnes, John Donovan, Jane DeBruzzi.

Minutes: Minutes from January 21, 2004 reviewed motion to accept as presented (JF) (DM). Motion carried.

Old Business:

Elections: Still need a few nominees for the elections in April. Will continue to work on filling the slate.

Surveys: They are coming in steadily. Will have them tallied for the next meeting.

Board Roundtable:

President: Brad DeKanick.

·          Awaiting a contact for the Willard fund. One of the teams believes will receive money yet. Need to ask the Lake Region representatives to participate in our Board Meeting so we have ongoing communication. Presidents from Mounds View and Irondale will be invited to a Lake Region Board meeting to discuss where gambling monies are going in the Associations.

·          Using MaxSolutions for ice scheduling. Training is scheduled. Mick said there may be opportunities to learn this software on a one-to-one basis.

·          Bremer Bank is a sponsor of Minnesota Hockey. For every family that has an account, will give the Association $15.00.

·          We did well with filling volunteer slots for the Tournaments. IYHA has a good reputation for filling their obligations.


Vice President: Jeanne Falconer

·          Received check for the Tournaments in amount of $19,950. This is more than last year, which is attributed to the increase in gate proceeds. The volunteers watched the gate closely, which was very helpful to capturing the income. Would like to rescind the summer program monies. Do not believe that IYHA has the funds to pay 25% of development during the summer. Cindy agrees—costs approximately $40,000 to $50,000 for start up costs in the Fall to get us going. Will wait for Cindy’s report for additional discussion, motion.

·          Junior Gold: IYHA will work to have a Junior Gold team. This will be noted for the Registration forms.

·          Mounds View would like to merge with IYHA. Would like to have Board Members sit down together. Discussion. Concerns about motivations and implications. Disruption of the High School Program. Different philosophies of how monies are spent from Lake Region Gambling proceeds. ACE Coordinator sees a bright future for our association—we have a growing program. Will have a meeting to ask what they are thinking. Will include Pres, VP, Girls Coordinator, and Boys Coordinator.

·          Early Registration: Must register early to assure we can have the teams together for registration into the Thanksgiving Tournament and January Tournament. This year we missed the opportunity.

Treasurer: Cindy Rundle.

·          Report distributed. All of our bills and ice bills are paid. Teams are in the process of finishing their accounts. Concern about some families not paying for their fees. They will not be able to register next year if not paid. Question raised: Do we need to discuss the issue of capping the payments to non-parent coaches for travel? Will discuss in future.

·          Western Bank is now charging fees for all of our accounts. This is new this year. Have approached Premier bank and they will not charge fees. Will move accounts to Premier bank.

MOTION: to eliminate subsidizing summer camps due to the unpredictability of income of funds (JF) (MM). Discussion. Motion carried.

Secretary: Niki Gjere. Newsletter deadline is April 1st.


Registration Coordinator: Pat O’Connor.

·          Early registration is essential. Discussed history of registration process. Will try for third week in August with a goal to make registration easy for families (and the Registration Coordinator).  Discussion about conflicts with Fall Sports and MEA break. It was extremely difficult to accomplish the tasks required in a short time frame.


District 2 and Twin Cities District: Dan Beeson

·          Sincere grateful appreciation for volunteers. There was an unusually high number of volunteers needed (22) and we came up with all of the people needed. Thank you!

·          We need to pursue the move to TC if this is the decision. Timing is important.

·          General discussion about the volunteer hours required of members. This has been something that we have not done well. Niki, Jeanne and Pat will pull a draft together about volunteering—for presentation at the May meeting.


Ice Commissioner: Mick Mata.

·          There is interest about building our own arena. Niki has names of people that have expressed an interest. Will contact them. Board supported investigation of this.


Initiation Coordinator: Steve Kracht.   Absent, no report.

Girls Coordinator: Chris Tahti.

·          Followed up on issues from last meeting.

·          U12 Ice time concerns: Unfounded concern.  No additional issues raised.

·          Met with coaches from teams for initial planning. Priority is to run a U14 team under the Irondale banner. Girls HS coach is aware and supportive of this.

·          Girls’ coaches unanimous they would like to stay at D2.

·          At D2: Wedells have resigned; will stay on as liaisons until the new people arrive.

·          Play-up policy: will not play up kids just to fill teams. Playing up will be considered for the exceptional athlete on a case by case basis. Decision will be made by Girls Coordinator, ACE Coordinator and both coaches.

Boys Coordinator: Dan Marcouiller.

·          Brad and Dan met with the Boys coaches. The input is very valuable. From the coaches’ perspective, the place for us is in the Twin Cities District on a permanent basis. Discussion.

MOTION: Motion to request that Minnesota Hockey approve the transfer of the IYHA program, including all boys and girls, from District 2 to the Twin Cities District permanently, subject to reasonable assurance that the girls teams may continue to play in the combined District 2 and Twin Cities District league (DM) (NG). Motion tabled (CT) (NG). Will be brought up at next meeting.


Adjournment: Motion to adjourn (NG) (JF). Motion approved. Meeting adjourned at 9:20 p.m. Next meeting is on April 21, 2004 at 7:00 p.m. location to be determined. This is the Annual Meeting and Elections meeting.