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Irondale Youth Hockey Association Board Meeting Minutes

IYHA Board of Directors Meeting:  September 17, 2009. 

Called to order at 6:35 by President Kevin Bourassa

Board Members Present:  Chris Drews, Theresa Spiering, Mike Nundahl, Tom Johnson, Dan Marcouiller, Beth Soberg, Monica Crandall, Nina Dojan

Board Members Absent:   Kara Chamberlain

Guests:  Torri Johnson, Rick McKelvie, Rick LaPorte, Jeff Henderson, Colin Crandall

Minutes:  The minutes of the last Board meeting were read. 

Brent Eilefson moved to approve August meeting minutes as read.  Theresa Spiering second.  Passed without debate.   

Board Roundtable:

President:  Quicker meetings would be nice.  Attended D1 meeting.  Need to think hard about D2/D10 for next year if something happens to D1.  City of Lakes is struggling (Edison).  Those players can register with us—no waivers needed.  D1 game scheduling 10/24.  We will play through D2 once.  Blaine wants out of Centennial HS arena (Centennial wants them out).  Blaine owns ¼ share in that rink.  Any options there for us?  A lot is going on.  Recruiting at skating events.  Playoffs same as last year.  No A/B/C for mites this year.  MN hockey meeting tomorrow—topic re: residency among other topics.

Vice President:  Tourney prep is ongoing.  Need trade show leader due to previous volunteer resignation. 

Secretary:  Draft minutes will go out early following meeting.

Treasurer:  2009 financials released and going to tax preparer.  Loss shown is due to timing of refunds.  Went over 2010 numbers-- does not include refund checks that were sent out.  $61k cash balance, need carryover to cover operating costs of $45-$50k prior to receipts.  Budgets need to be submitted by board members.  Will get folks who owe money to coordinators to monitor for non-paid/documented players trying to participate.

Boys Program Coordinator:   Teams:  Peewees=3 teams, coaches notified; bantams=3 teams, coaches plenty; squirts have 28 skaters currently registered, so 2 teams, we need 33 skaters to get to 3 teams-- Would move up a couple mites if agreeable.  Let’s wait to see what happens.  Pool of coaches at each level has been identified and is published below.  Team coaches will be tentatively identified by 9/28, contingent on the coach’s child being selected for the particular team.

Dan Marcouiller moved to waive all late fees through 9/27 for all levels.  Chris Drews second.  Passed.

Squirts:  Mark Hentges, Brent Eilefson, Chris Drews, Robert Woldt, Pat Fagerlee, Dan Schoeller, JJ Rosener.

Peewees:  Dan Marcouiller, Kip LaMotte, John Fuhr, Tony Mauricio, Phil Herbert, Erich Kliewer.

Bantams:  Mark Rupp, Brent Eilefson, Mike Martinjako, Tadd Tuomie, Dan Jobin, Rich Sonterre, Chuck Ferraro, Paul Dulin.

Girls Program Coordinator:  Training camp has started for all levels.  McKelvie and Maria on the ice.  Some growing pains with the MV-combined teams.  U10 still working on whether there will be two large teams or 3 small teams.

Initiation Program Coordinator:  2 free skates complete.  Successful!  Lots of people have come out.  October 10 is the last free skate event.  Let’s try hockey event scheduled for 9/20 at SuperRink, 3:10-5:20.  Handouts at schools are subject to central district approval process, not a problem.  Coaches meeting within next couple weeks.

District Representative:  Langford (part of Como) wants to skate at B level; Como says no.  Washburn/Southwest/Richfield/St. Louis Park are co-oping this year—750 kids.  Johnson-Como coop at A levels and possibly B levels, with separate C teams.  So D1 will have 4 teams.  Need to look at where we want to go.  We need an ACE coordinator.  Two rule changes to note.  Check coaching clinics—go to USA hockey to register.  12/31 coach certification deadline.       

Ice Commissioner:  Ice was distributed to D2 Sunday night.  Ice has been given out for the month of Sept and Oct.  Except for Mites.  In the process of getting at least 60-100 more hours from Blaine that will be at Super Rink 2 (due to Blaine girls program folding).  As soon as I get that I will look at getting dates and times to the Mite program.  Also receiving hours from East Bethel--we should have more than enough hours of ice.  Thank you to all that have helped!

Registration Coordinator:  209 players registered at this time.  22 new families:  8 minis, 7 mites, one 14U, 2 squirts, 3 peewees, 1 bantam.  Cancellation policy is in place, no refunds.  Practically, however, will assess refunds on a case by case basis—family emergency, etc. 

Equipment Manager:  Dave’s offers $100 gear (no skates and stick).  Jerseys/socks in.  Propose equipment swap at 5K event.

Standing Reports:

Player and Coach Development Committee:  On ice with girls 3 hours already.  Martin to help with peewee and bantams training camps.  Coaches need to register and then they are welcome to skate at training camps.  Gorg to do 4 hours of goalie clinic.  Look into MN Hockey/Carroll goalie deal.  Parent meeting good—thanks to Dan and Martin.   

Lake Region:  No Report.

Fundraising Committee:  Various checks coming in for Knight Outs.  Dunn Bros cards coming (no cost to us, we get %) distribute to everyone you know.  Cookbooks:  195 sold.  Proposal to do discount cards at 3 cards per family @ $20 each, IYHA gets $10.  Soccer teams already doing this and struggling to find acceptance--not successful.  Benefits of fundraising are to reduce per-player cost of playing. 

                Monica Crandall moved that IYHA do discount card fundraising effort per the motion MC presented at the Board meeting, the text of which will be forwarded to the Secretary for inclusion in the final Minutes.  Tom Johnson second.  Defeated.  Monica Crandall abstained.

Three current committee members are stepping down, have 3 interested in joining.  Will be contacted to commence October 1.  Chair of committee to be someone other than VP.  VP to remain Board liaison.  Discussed committee membership process.  To be discussed at next board meeting based on info to be provided by Monica Crandall.  5K event, if IYHA member brings in a non-IYHA runner, IYHA runner’s fee is waived.  9/26 is the date—need more runners.

Potential Partnership Committee:  Dormant.

Website Update:  Note:  youth hockey night 1/21/09 at IHS game.  10,000 puck club reminder—there’s still time-go for it!  Boys tourney dates to get loaded onto calendar, girls tourneys are up already.  Survey results need to be prepped for website. 

New Business:  

1.             Mite Accounting:  Executive committee to meet to discuss mite accounting.

2.             Registration late fees:  Waived through 9/27 for all levels.

3.             SuperRink Bond return:  Next year or two.  Need to have a plan—have a purpose for any returned money.  Plant the seed. 

Beth Soberg motion to adjourn at 8:57p.m.  Theresa Spiering second.  Passed.