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 Irondale Youth Hockey Association May Meeting Minutes


IYHA Board of Directors Meeting:  July 16, 2009. 

Called to order at 6:37 p.m. by President Kevin Bourassa

Board Members Present:  Monica Crandall, Brent Eilefson, Theresa Spiering, Mike Nundahl, Kara Chamberlain, Nina Dojan, Beth Soberg, Tom Johnson

Board Members Absent:   Chris Drews

Guests: Torri Johnson, Rick Laporte, Dale Aukee, Cindy Anderson, Cheryl Mason, Pat Schumer

Minutes:  The minutes of the last Board meeting were read. 

Tom Johnson moved to approve June meeting minutes as read.  Theresa Spiering second.  Passed without debate.   

Board Roundtable:

President:  New residency rule at issue for 2009-2010 season, need to review and discuss further the implications (St. John’s kids, e.g., appear to be within MV association boundary.  Similar issue with Valentine Hills).  Working with boys coordinator and partial PCD committee on various fronts; general matters coming in and being delegated.

Vice President:  Tourney committee meeting.  Need tourney committee assistance, someone to step into role of tournament coordinator next year/going forward, need raffle leadership as well.  Get your volunteer hours!  Chuck a puck discussion, need better accountability for insurance purposes, will pool funds with tourney revenue to be divided between IYHA and MV.  Implementing a cancellation policy for tourney teams—first time.  Goal is more to keep teams in rather than penalize teams who need to pull out—perhaps team pulling out can find replacement.

Secretary:  Discussed publishing agenda I week prior to board meeting.  Minutes posted to website when approved.  Email issues caused delay in last month’s newsletter/minutes.

Treasurer:  Profit and loss statement handed out and discussed.  Discussed budgeting.  Mite account resolution in process.  Outstanding balances owed by families will be discussed by executive committee.  Balance sheet discussion—new financial system implemented and there may be some growing pains until we get all numbers accounted for.

Boys Program Coordinator:   Prepared statement.  Should be able to field 3 teams and Squirts and Peewees, Bantams are in-between at present.  If we can retain some kids at Bantam level, might get to 3 teams.  Will talk to Jeff Martin about this.  Tryout policy posted on website, will look for tryouts to take place week of 10/19.  DPCD (Rick McKelvie) will be on-ice facilitator.  Will bring in non-coach parents to participate as well.  Confident they will get it right and in a way that shows impartiality and fairness that evaluators of all sports exhibit.  IYHA Training Camp – this will be a 3 week period beginning 9/28 (approximately 9 hours of ice at each level) for each player.  Aiming for more training/development rather than typical warm-ups.  On-ice will be led by  among DPCD, Jeff Martin, Tadd Tuomie.  Also, will do approximately 4 hours of goalie only training as well as other time during the 9 hours.  Coach selection underway, both within IYHA and posted outside IYHA.  Pre-season ice requests have been forwarded to the ice coordinator.  2009-10 tournaments are being worked on by Mark Hentges (Squirts), Dan Marcouiller (Peewees), Rick Laporte (Bantams).  Goal is to send entry checks by 7/31.  Noted that IYHA should register all teams with the IYHA tourney at all levels, even if unknown what teams we will have.  Torri will remove old tryout process from website.

Girls Program Coordinator:  Will attend district coordinator meeting, met with MV re: U14, will coop with MV at U14 (to be hosted by MV); U10 coop, MV to host A team (Dist 2), IYHA host B team (Dist 1&2).  Still subject to District approval.  IYHA will have a U12 A and B team.  U8 status-still waiting to hear from MV.  Discussion around registering at age appropriate or grade appropriate level.  Torri to come up with some solution for the online registration process.

Initiation Program Coordinator:  T-shirts ordered and should be here by parades.  Will sell wherever possible, for profit.  Discussion around parade participation, booth tending, etc.  Have identified dates/times for Learn to Skate and Come Skate With Us recruiting events:  8/29 at 12:50, 9/12 at 9:40, and 10/10 at 3:10 (all at SuperRink).

District Representative:  No Report.

Ice Commissioner:  Working on purchasing ice, Coliseum ice good, still waiting for ramsey and SR ice.  Ice meeting will take place shortly.   

Registration Coordinator:  Online registration moving forward.  Registration fee amounts to stay same and include training camp.  $55 tryout fee.  Online registration tentatively 8/10 - 9/15, with a walk up date TBD.  Need to get the word out—currently nothing out there about how and when to register for hockey!

Equipment Manager:  Socks ordered.  Logos updated on 2009 initiation jerseys.  New logo to go to Torri for posting on website. 

Standing Reports:

Player and Coach Development Committee:  Presented by Kevin Bourassa:  last year, budgeted $13k, plus goalie coach at $5k, warmups $2500  ($20500 total budgeted).  This year anticipate director or PCD will have 110 hrs on ice, bring in a goalie coach, other coaches up to an additional $6k with pre-approval of PCD Committee.  Recommend to enter into contract similar to Tadd’s to reflect up to 110 hrs at $100/hr, to include off-ice meetings, etc.  Others on ice (goalie coaches, helpers) to be utilized at bill rates between $35-$100, not to exceed $6k (use of “others” to be agreed upon by PCD Committee).  PCD job description is being tweaked, including monthly verbal report to Board.  Will be posted on website when complete.

                Kara Chamberlain moved to approve the execution of a contract with Rick McKelvie which contains terms that are in accordance with the parameters set forth by the PCD group.  Theresa Spiering second.  Passed without debate.

President to get info to press and Torri once contract finalized.

Lake Region:  Theresa Spiering, meeting next week.

Fundraising Committee:  Cookbooks, 500 ordered at $3.40.  5k run looking for volunteers.  Pancake breakfast waitstaff must be peewees and older.  Next Knight Out event will be at Acapulco:  11-8pm, August 4.  Dunn Bros community giving program introduced, free to participate, IYHA gets 2.5%. 

                Mike Nundahl moved to approve promotion of Dunn Bros discount card during registration and at team packet handout.  Theresa Spiering second.  Passed without debate.

Potential Partnership Committee:  No report, but request Girls Coordinator keep them in the loop during MV coop discussions.

Website Update:  10,000 puck club will be posted on website.  New logo will be put on website.  New tryout process to be left on website.  Rundle fundraiser on website and in newsletter.  Need 10U banner for Rink 4.  Old logo will be used. 

                Kara Chamberlain moved to purchase a banner for the 10Us to celebrate their 08-09 district championship.  Brent Eilefson second.  Passed without debate.

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New Business:  

Waiver Policy:  Kevin Bourassa presented.  IYHA does not have a waiver policy and thus no guidance on waiver issues.  Other associations have a policy, e.g., Washburn, no waiver unless no team opportunity, Southwest similar. 

                Brent Eilefson moved to adopt a no waiver policy for IYHA, said policy to be drafted by the Secretary and to be presented for approval to the Board at the next board meeting.  Theresa Spiering second.  Passed without debate.

Volunteer policy:  Monica Crandall presented.  Need volunteers at tourneys—problem because lots of hours are completed outside of tourney and as a result there is a lack of volunteers for tourney.  The tourney raises over $30k, should be a primary volunteer focus since the return on each hour volunteered is huge.

                Monica Crandall moved to require each family to devote a minimum of 9 tournament volunteer hours per skater, with a minimum family cap of 12 tournament hours for families with multiple skaters, with additional volunteer hours 2 hours per skater with a family cap of 4 hours, head coaches, first time families and board members exempted.  Theresa Spiering second.  Passed without debate.          

Beth Soberg motion to adjourn at 9:33.  Theresa Spiering second.  Passed.