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Irondale Youth Hockey Association

Board Meeting: Thursday, March 26, 2009 at 6:30 p.m.

at the New Brighton Family Service Center, New Brighton, MN.

Address: IYHA, PO Box 120114, New Brighton, MN   55112 Website:


From President (Tom Lucarelli):



Please remember to come to the Q & A for the candidates on April 8th and then vote on April 15th.  Thanks to the departing board members for their years of service and thanks to the new association members who have volunteered to run for a position.




See you at the rink,





Please fill out the annual survey by April 30th – see details on the website.


April 15th is our Election Meeting.  Four volunteer board positions are available - President, Secretary, Initiation Coordinator and Registration Coordinator.  Below are the candidates (listed alphabetically by position).


President – Kevin Bourassa:


My name is Kevin Bourassa.  I am running for President of Irondale Youth Hockey Association (IYHA).  I currently have two children playing hockey in IYHA.


I believe strongly in the MISSION of IYHA which is “provide an environment that is Positive, Fun, and Competitive.”  Every player is different and we need to give ALL the players the tools required to continue to succeed at every level.  The more players that we can give tools to the better we are as an association.  I believe that we have an outstanding group of players, coaches, and families within our association. 


I believe the only boundaries our players have is the boundaries that we put on them.  At the Initiation level we need to continue to make it fun and exciting, making them come back for more.  We need to continue to teach them the fundamentals of hockey.  As we move up in levels from 10U to 12U or Squirt to Pee Wee, whatever it may be.  We need to continue to nurture the fundamentals of hockey at a higher level. We need to not place boundaries on success, but give the players goals and expectations that are beyond their current skill set.  I believe the Players want to compete and by giving them the necessary tools, ie… skill development, team development, and coaching, we can COMPETE at every level.  If we are able to set expectations and goals beyond where they are currently at, our players will fear nothing and expect to be in regions, win regions, and win championships.


As a board, we need to have a common goal which should be for THE PLAYERS!  There needs to be differing ideas and opinions but the end result needs to be for the betterment of THE PLAYERS. As President, I would be committed to continuing the development of players, coaches and parents while raising expectations and challenging everyone at there own level.  Making the environment “Positive, Fun, and Competitive” will keep THE PLAYERS coming back.  Creating a culture and commitment to excellence will “insure the Irondale Hockey Community” for years to come.


Thank you for considering me for President of the Irondale Youth Hockey Association.



President – Paul Dulin:


Greetings to All,

My name is Paul Dulin and I am running for the President position of the Irondale Youth Hockey Association (IYHA).

I am married with 4 children. 3 of my children are involved in one degree or another with IYHA.
I was born and raised in Edina, MN where I played hockey under some of the greatest coaches around.  I continued my playing time in college and was fortunate to play some minor league (IHL) hockey. I have coached all levels of hockey from mites to high school and also reffed at a level 4.
I am currently a level 3 coach and have been coaching in IYHA for 4 years.
My family has been a strong supporter for this association. I'm proud that we have been a creative source behind breathing new life into the IYHA parade atmosphere which helped bring in a record number of initiation players this last year.
Also, I have taken part in everything from "Back to School Night, "Give Hockey a Try" Knight, "Welcome Knight at Moe's", to serving pancakes at the fund raising breakfast this past fall.
I want to see our association grow and thrive and to help guide IYHA in the direction of giving kids a great opportunity to learn the game that I cherish. I also want to see the players that we have continue to grow in this game and to not lose their passion for hockey.

I think I have a lot to offer this association.

Pass, Shoot, Score! Coach Paul Dulin



Secretary – Brent Eilefson:


First, I would like to resign from the Nominating Committee.  Please replace me with Phil Herbert if you need to.  He would love to volunteer for this position so that we follow our bylaws.


My statement of intent:


I would like to be considered for the IYHA Board position of Secretary.  As a former IYHA and collegiate player, IYHA coach for the past 8 years (doubling up the last 4 years), and with 2 current (and potentially 3 total) kids in the association, seeking a position on the Board would allow me to contribute to an association which has provided me so much benefit and pleasure.  In addition, IYHA is facing numerous challenges over the next several years and with my vested interests in the association and background in hockey, I believe that it is important to contribute a voice and vote to these important matters.  Thank you for considering my nomination.


Brent G. Eilefson




Initiation Coordinator – Nina Dojan:


My name is Nina Dojan and I am running for the position of Initiation coordinator. I have a son in the Mite program who was a second year skater this season. My husband Jon has been the Mini-Mite coach for the past two years, and I have been the team manager. Our family came into IYHA two years ago not knowing much about youth hockey. We've been learning as we go, just like any other family. We have developed close relationships with coaches and other families in the association and I would like to take the opportunity to serve them and the program. The future of this association lies with it's youngest players, our ability to attract them in greater numbers and retain them, and their families. As initiation coordinator it would be my mission to continue to building and strengthening the program from the ground up, for the kids and the future of IYHA.



Registration Coordinator – Beth Soberg:


My name is Beth Soberg and I am interested in the Registration Coordinator position. My family and I have been part of IYHA for the past 8 years (this season I had two Peewees). I have been team manager for the past 4 years (this year I was crazy enough to manage two teams!) and I think that my experience will be beneficial to the association.





From District 1 Representative (Chris Drews):


A big thank you to the volunteers for the regional and state tournaments and an extra special thanks to Michelle Parrish for helping to coordinate the regionals while I was out of town!!!



From Registration Coordinator (Jeanne Falconer):


Two Lake Region Announcements:

There are 2 board positions up for election in April.  They are the Vice President and Secretary.  If anyone is interested, they should let Mark and Mary Ann know at and they should plan on attending the April board meeting on the 21st.

People need to write to the state legislature to lower the taxes on charitable gambling.  If not, it will go away and there will be no revenue for the state and no help for youth activities which is a lose-lose situation.



From Boys Coordinator (Mark Rupp):


Boys Coaches


Calling all boys coaches: If you coached during the 2008-2009 season, or if plan to coach during the 2009-2010 season; please plan to attend the following meeting.


Date: Tuesday evening April 7th, 2009

Location: New Brighton Family Service Center

Time: 6:30pm - 8:30pm


We will be wrapping up the 2008-2009 season as well as plan for the 2009-2010 season coming up.   Please come prepared to share in the dialog.


Mark Rupp

Irondale Boys Coordinator


IYHA Board Meetings are open meetings.

Please feel free to come to the meetings. If you wish to have a copy of any information which is distributed at any meeting, please email or call Jean Aukee and it will be mailed to you. Upcoming dates for 2009 Board meetings are the

third Thursday of every month at 6:30 p.m.  Our meetings are held at the New Brighton Family Service Center.

Meetings will be:   May 21, June 18, July 16 and August 20.

NOTE: If you wish to be on the agenda for the meeting, please contact the IYHA President.


Lake Region Board Meetings:

Lake Region Hockey meetings are open meetings. Contact Theresa Spiering for dates and times of the next meetings.


Sponsors for teams are listed below. This part of the newsletter will continue throughout the rest of the IYHA season. Please notify Jean Aukee of any additions or corrections. (Please forward information about websites and addresses, etc.) Many thanks to our sponsors!

IYHA: **Lake Region Hockey Association**, **Moes**, **Champps**, **Meisters**, **Big 10 Tavern**, **Make It Big Photos** and

**Dave’s Sport Shop**.

Team Sponsorships:



Bantam A:  **Response Fire Protection**, **WW Goetsch Assoc**, and **MN Conway Fire**

Pee Wee B:  **Jensen, Bell, Converse and Erickson, PA**, **Western Bank** and **Dr John Hollerud, MD of Fridley Children’s and Teen’s Medical Center**



Once again, many, many thanks to our sponsors! Please support them!

When you see them, please tell them you are from Irondale Youth Hockey.  

                Irondale Youth Hockey Association (IYHA) Board Members 2008-2009



Tom Lucarelli



Vice President

Monica Crandall


763-234-9316 (c)  


Theresa Spiering


763-780-4548 (h)



Jean Aukee


763-783-8561 (h)


Ice Commissioner

Kara Chamberlain


763-786-1978 (H)

763-639-0847 (C)

Boys Program Coordinator

Mark Rupp


651-269-3027 (h & c)

Girls Program Coordinator

Mike Nundahl


651-633-8287 (h)

Initiation Coordinator

Bob Gabler


651-697-4708 (h)  


Tom Johnson




Jeanne Falconer


763-458-5946 (cell)

651-486-1235 (w)


District Representative


Chris Drews


651-329-3124 (cell)

Non-Board Positions:

ACE Coordinator and Player Development Committee


Mark Rupp



651-269-3027 (h & c)


Irondale Youth Hockey Association March  Meeting Minutes:


IYHA Meeting Board Meeting:  March 26, 2009.  Note: These minutes have not been approved. They will be reviewed, corrected as needed, and approved at the next regular Board of Directors Meeting.


Called to order at 6:35 p.m. by President Tom Lucarelli.


Board members present:  Tom Lucarelli, Monica Crandall, Theresa Spiering, Mike Nundahl, Bob Gabler, Kara Chamberlain, Tom Johnson and Jeanne Falconer.

Webmaster present:  Torri Johnson


Guests:  Tyler Fitzel, Ray Mularie, Mike Bridgeman, Mark Hentges, Cindy Anderson, Chuck Ferraro, Rich Sonterre, Doug Loahr, Brent Eilefson, Paul Dulin and Steve Clark


Reviewed agenda and minutes.  BG made a motion to accept, TS seconded, motion passed.


Chris Drews not present to make apparel presentation – will have to wait until next meeting.


Mike Nundahl – 14U lost in O.T so the team didn’t make it to state.  Congratulations for getting as far as they did.  Do we have to amend the by-laws before it can be official for the association to pay for regional’s and state?  Torri found the minutes from the May 2008 newsletter which represented the April 2008 board meeting.  It was made official by a vote of the board that the association would pay for regional’s and state.


Coach Tyler Fitzel presented his perspective on this past season and offered some suggestions.  Other coaches present also had some input and it was decided to bring more of the same up at another board meeting and at the coaches meeting.

This is a community that is engaged in Irondale Hockey.  There were steps taken and learning this year that should send IYHA and IHS forward in looking for more continuity between high school and youth.  Tryouts were disappointing in that the coaches were lied to because they were told they would also be able to rate and evaluate the skaters and be able to choose a few players at the back end and this didn’t happen.  The tryout process needs to be looked at.  It’s great to have outside evaluators because there is no bias.  However, it is also good to have some coaches also evaluating and to get their input because they know the players and hopefully there won’t be any repeats of a skater being put on a team that he/she isn’t ready to be on.  It was strange that there were no ‘bubble kids’.  It was interjected here that tryouts is the responsibility of the Boys’ Coordinator.  Hopefully the BC will take input from people.  Coach Fitzel wants to continue to coach and would like to see a few changes.   Understands the cost savings of sharing ice, but it’s difficult on a standard sheet and splitting at the Bantam level isn’t always so good.  Realize it was difficult with the ice commissioner stepping down.   Bantam As had 52 practices and 35 games.  They should have at least 120 hours of ice.  9 additional hours were purchased by the team.  Discussed ice and when to put out info about the tryout process and about putting the right groups together in practices and skills clinics.  Discussed having coaches chosen by Aug. 1st and about paid evaluators and IYHA evaluators.  ‘Bubble’ needs to be explained.  Mission of the program in general is to have a fun, competitive and safe program.  Player coach development committee – job descriptions for 2 separate issues here.  Skills clinics are a great idea, especially for Mites, Squirts.  PeeWee level needs to be changed.  Bantam level needs to concentrate more on game skills – general scenarios.  There were common game situations that the kids didn’t know.  A goalie clinic was held ½ way through the season.  That needs to be earlier on. There was no coach development.  A lot of things were said, but not done.  Need better communication.  Need a coaching plan – put together by and for the association, not something copied from USAH. It’s easier for the players if they understand how the skills they are learning (have learned) fit in the game.  If anything is left to just one person, that person can change the rules as he/she goes and that isn’t always good.  The board needs to okay the tryout process before it is published.  Also, publish skills clinics in advance.


A motion was made by Bob G. that the Boys’ and Girls’ tryout process be published by the May board meeting.  Theresa seconded the motion – it passed.


A motion was made by Bob G. that the coaches be chosen by the August board meeting for Boys and Girls.  Tom J. seconded.  Motion passed.


The skill and development committee should have a recommendation of what’s needed at the skills clinics and present it at the June Board meeting.  A motion was made by Bob G. and was seconded by Theresa.  Motion passed.


Fund raising – Rich Sonterre and Cindy Anderson – presented the idea of putting together a hockey cook book by hockey families.  A publisher has been found – will entertain another if the cost is right.   This would be an association wide fundraiser.   First, there has to be interest – will see if enough recipes can be collected and if there is interest in purchasing the books.  These could be sold at the tournament and other events as well as each year at registration and they could be periodically updated.  But again, the first thing to do is to collect recipes and see if there’s interest.


Board Roundtable:


President:  Looking for the money from selling programs at the Wild game – the check had been received and was brought to the meeting - $750.00.  Now to check into Treasure Island because it is supposed to match the funds.  Rec’d. a call back from Greg K. – MVYHA – they’ve formed a task force to look at co-oping, etc.  The reception from Spring Lake Park was lukewarm.  There might be some interest – parents are grumbling about the distances that are traveled in D10.  They are probably receptive to co-oping.  Roseville – their meeting is tonight, so will get feed back after tonight.  Dave’s did well for us last season; we’re hoping it will continue.  Tom Mickus is running for District Director again.  He will be having a meeting sometime in April.  If it is after our elections, someone from the ‘new’ board will have to attend the meeting.  It is about St. Louis Park and Southwest staying together and having their Bantam As and PeeWee As play in District 3.  The rest of the teams would play in District 1.  Tom Mickus is trying to fight that – feels there’s been too much work done to have that happen and that is what the meeting will be about.  The rebate from Make it Big Photos was received and presented.


Vice President:  Presented a $22,000.00 check from the tournament.  The tournament committee issued a refund check for ½ the entrance fee for the B Bantams – because at the beginning of the season a check was issued for the C Bantams at full price and since we changed to a B level and the B Bantam bracket was filled up until the last minute – when we were given a tourney slot at ½ price to play and that is why we received a refund check for $312.50. Has a list of 31 families that she has no record of their having fulfilled their 12 hours.  The deadline is the 28th of March to log hours.  Discussed what to do if any of the volunteer checks that are cashed, bounce. 


Secretary:  On a wonderful vacation and no report


Treasurer:  discussed what to do about bounced checks from registration


Boys’ Coordinator:  Absent, Monica read his report:

Clothing – I think nothing should be done until we figure out what direction we are headed as an association.  Hockey is already expensive enough for our families.  If this is not the choice of the board, I want to be involved in the clothing “process”.  I have extensive background in this area.


Election – 3 things for the board.

1. How are we going to handle the logistics of the election night?  If we are going to stay open late, who will man the posts for the duration of time?  I will volunteer to be a part of this.

2. If we have another candidate who is willing to attend the “meet the candidate night”, I say they should be allowed to run.  We have enough problems finding qualified folks who want to step up and be part of the solution.

3. Our bylaws have not been updated on the website with the new election process.  I personally do not have a copy, but have requested one from Jean.


Comment to Mark’s report - no one else can come in at the last minute to run for a position.  The bios have to be published in the March newsletter.


Girls’ Coordinator:  Congratulations to the 10U Girls – Districts 1 and 2 champions.  Will be scheduling a coaches meeting shortly.  Plan to have two 12U teams, an A and a B next season. RECRUIT, RECRUIT, RECRUIT!!!


Initiation Coordinator:  The year went well – it was a good season and the kids had fun.  Got good comments.  17 of 18 B Mites signed up to play spring hockey.  The A Mites played in-between periods at the Boys High School State Tournament.


Ice Commissioner:  the ice from Ramsey County is out and she’s going to meet with MVYHA.  Needs to know from each level – how many hours.  This should probably come from the coordinators after the coaches meeting.  Have the try-out ice.  Comment pertaining to ice from Mark H.  Ice is a high priority.  He, Bob G. and Cheryl M. will help Kara and meet with MVYHA with her.


Equipment Manager:   need to send an e-mail to get clean jerseys back.


Registration Coordinator:  At this time have only 2 team books back.  Will send e-mails to get the remaining books.  Want them ready for the new registration coordinator. 


Steve Clark:  Sunnyside will open its unused rink 3 nights a week for IYHA.  It has lights and it will be groomed.  Want to charge $40 per hour.  Tom J. commented that at Hanson it’s $10 per hour.  Steve will talk to Sunnyside about getting the price down.  Will put info. about these 2 outside sites on the web.  USAH insures all players and coaches even outside.


Lake Region:  Received a $2000.00 check payable to the SSR – picked up the invoice from the PO box.  LR will pay $500 toward the banners (will reimburse IYHA since they have already been paid for & the paper work is complete). Also there is information so people can write to the appropriate state agencies, legislators in an effort to get the taxes lowered on charitable gambling. 


BG made a motion to adjourn.  TJ or TS made a second and meeting was adjourned.




Would you like to have something published in the newsletter? Please contact Jean Aukee. Would you like something on the Web Site? Contact Torri Johnson at Information you share is helpful in keeping our members up to date about activities of the Irondale Youth Hockey Association! (The deadline for the next month’s newsletter is the first of each month.) Thank you!