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Irondale Youth Hockey Association
Board Meeting: Thursday, September 18, 2008 at 6:30 p.m.
at the New Brighton Family Service Center, New Brighton, MN.
Address: IYHA, PO Box 120114, New Brighton, MN   55112 Website:

From President (Tom Lucarelli):


Hi again,


I'm sure you're as thankful as I am that the kids are back in school! The summer break was fun but I think it was time they got back to the books and the schedule.


Our tryouts will be taking place mid-month; good luck to all of our skaters. Tryouts can be very stressful times for some kids so please remember to encourage your Knight to do their best and to have fun -- it's still just a game.


A couple of reminders: if you have any used equipment that you're kids have outgrown, please consider donating it back to the association. Anything we can do to keep costs down for fellow members is always appreciated.


Get involved and promote IYHA for the benefit of everyone.


See you at the rink,



From Boys Coordinator (Mark Rupp):

1. The coaches selection committee has met and they started to interview prospective coaches on Wednesday September 3rd.  Their goal is to have coaches identified before warm ups and try outs begin.

2. An updated try out process will be posted on the IYHA website soon.

3. Calling all hockey players, if you know of anyone who played last year, ask them if they are registered for this year.  If they say no, ask them why.  We need everyone who played last year and is eligible this year to sign up. 

4. We are full steam ahead for the upcoming fall season.


Coaches Selection Committee Update


While the work of this committee is ongoing, we felt an update to the community is in order.  The committee has finished interviewing all Bantam candidates who had submitted their names with interest in coaching at this level.  All Bantam coaching candidates were subjected to the same series of questions in the same interview format.  After careful thought, consideration and even more discussion, the committee unanimously agreed to the decision below. 


Due to the low registration numbers we are currently experiencing at the Bantam level, we feel it is only prudent to name one coach at this time.  We are very excited to introduce Tyler Fitzel as our Bantam coach.  Tyler will be a positive addition to our Irondale family.  As you see him around the rinks, please welcome him.


More update will be coming your way as they are warranted.


Mark Rupp

IYHA Boys Coordinator


From Registration Coordinator (Jeanne Falconer):


Registration is still open.  Please remember that your registration isn't complete until the registration payment, volunteer deposit, Consent to Treat and Code of Conduct forms are received.  Thank you to all of you who have registered.

From Web Master (Torri Johnson):


Website News


Registration:  Thank you to people who sent suggestions and comments about the online registration process.  Because of your feedback, the process has gotten easier and faster as we have gone along and will be even better for next year.  For those of you who registered in August, thanks for plodding through it and you should know that it will be much more user friendly for you next time.


As we start the season, you may wonder how the website can help you:


Automatic Reminders:  Automatic reminders will be sent to you for practices and for games.  The default setting is to turn it on, but you have ultimate control over this feature.  Just sign in using the Edit my Account button along the bottom of the left hand side of the home page.


Rosters:  Electronic Rosters will be created for each team.  To the public, only the first name and last initial of players will be shown and no personal information (address/phone number) will be seen.  By signing in (Edit My Account), you will have access to your team's information and rosters.  If you marked your personal information as Private, that information will not be on the team's roster.  If you mark it as Roster, it will be seen on the roster but only be available to other team members.  If you mark it as Public, IYHA has a system override to make it a Roster designation anyway.  The security of your personal information is very important to everyone in the Association and the website works very hard to make sure it stays secure according to your wishes.


Calendars:  Now is a good time to remind you of your scheduling options.  The Master Schedule on the left hand side of the home page is a good place to see all schedules for all teams.  The calendar on the right is another way to see what events are happening.  If the date is shaded, there is something scheduled.  Click on the date and you will get the master schedule.  Team schedules will be loaded into the system as they are finalized and the ability to look at multiple schedules (for more than one team) and download schedules into Outlook or other calendars are already built into the website.  Specific instructions will be posted as the season starts.


Bulletins:  Information will be posted on the home page and sometimes a bulletin will be sent also to your email.  Keep checking the home page for new information or subscribe to an RSS feeder by clicking on the orange button.


Exchange:  Post items you have for sale (hockey related please), items you are looking for, or even items you lost at the rink.  Click on the Exchange button on the left hand side of the home page.


Hockey Parents Tab:  Information for Hockey Parents is posted along the top of the website under the Hockey Parents Tab.  There is information on medical issues, hockey stories, hockey videos and fun projects.  If you have anything to add to that section, let the Website Administrator know by using the Feedback button.


As always, your feedback is welcome.  This is your website and it should be meaningful for you.  The fastest way to provide feedback is by clicking on the Feedback button on the left hand side of the home page.



Save the Date – Saturday, September 27th

IYHA Equipment Swap and Pancake Breakfast at Moes!

* More details coming very soon *




From Equipment Manager (Tom Johnson):


I would like to announce a date for an equipment outfitting and donation.  It will be on Wednesday, September 17th, from 5:30pm to 8:00pm.  If needed, I will add another date in the future.


Thanks, Tom


Please Note:  The IYHA Board Meeting for September

will start at the regular 6:30pm time.



IYHA Board Meetings are open meetings.

Please feel free to come to the meetings. If you wish to have a copy of any information which is distributed at any meeting, please email or call Jean Aukee and it will be mailed to you. Upcoming dates for 2007/2008 Board meetings are the

third Thursday of every month at 6:30 p.m.  Our meetings are held at the New Brighton Family Service Center.

Meetings will be: October, November, December, January, February, March, April, May, June, July and August.

NOTE: If you wish to be on the agenda for the meeting, please contact the IYHA President.

Lake Region Board Meetings:

Lake Region Hockey meetings are open meetings. Contact Theresa Spiering for dates and times of the next meetings.


Sponsors for teams are listed below. This part of the newsletter will continue throughout the rest of the IYHA season. Please notify Jean Aukee of any additions or corrections. (Please forward information about websites and addresses, etc.) Many thanks to our sponsors!

IYHA: **Lake Region Hockey Association**, **Moes**, **Champps**, **Katies**, **Make It Big Photos**, **Our Bar and Grill**, **Big 10 Tavern** and ** Dave’s Sport Shop.

Team Sponsorships:




Pee Wee A: 

Pee Wee C: 

Squirt B:  


Once again, many, many thanks to our sponsors! Please support them!

When you see them, please tell them you are from Irondale Youth Hockey.  

                Irondale Youth Hockey Association (IYHA) Board Members 2007-2008



Tom Lucarelli



Vice President

Monica Crandall


763-234-9316 (c)



Theresa Spiering


763-780-4548 (h)



Jean Aukee


763-783-8561 (h)


Ice Commissioner

Jackie Rog


651-636-6978 (h)

Boys Program Coordinator

Mark Rupp


651-269-3027 (h & c)

Girls Program Coordinator

Mike Nundahl


651-633-8287 (h)

Initiation Coordinator

Bob Gabler


651-697-4708 (h)



Tom Johnson




Jeanne Falconer


763-458-5946 (cell)

651-486-1235 (w)

District Representative


Chris Drews


651-329-3124 (cell)

Non-Board Position:

ACE Coordinator

Tadd Tuomie and Player Development Committee



Irondale Youth Hockey Association August Meeting Minutes:


IYHA Meeting Board Meeting:  August 21, 2008.  Note: These minutes have not been approved. They will be reviewed, corrected as needed, and approved at the next regular Board of Directors Meeting.


Called to order at 6:05 p.m. by Vice President Monica Crandall.


Board Members Present:  Jean Aukee, Monica Crandall, Theresa Spiering, Jackie Rog, Chris Drews, Bob Gabler, Mike Nundahl, Tom Johnson, Mark Rupp and Jeanne Falconer


Board Members Absent:  Tom Lucarelli


Guests:  Rick LaPorte, Colin Crandall, Paul Dulin, John Donovan, Dale Aukee and Torri Johnson


Agenda:  Motion to accept meeting agenda as presented (JR) (TS); all accepted; motion carried.


Minutes:  Motion to accept board meeting minutes as presented (TS) (MR); all accepted; motion carried. 


Old Business: 


A.       Budget Review – Theresa – see hand out – yellow numbers same as last year – green updated by board member.  Next year’s budget will look more like a tax return.  It won’t be by board member but rather by function – i.e. supplies. Because we are a non profit, our expenses and revenue should match and zero each other out.  The amount for team billings is unknown so she entered a plug number so it would balance.  She spent less than $1000 for the treasurer laptop and software.  Still needs Quick Books not Quicken – $170 to $400 – maybe $200?  Torri has a version at home that Theresa can have.  She may need to spend $50 to upgrade it.  We need our IYHA accounting system formalized.  May not need MAP to help as much in the future but for now they are giving us a lot of needed attention.  We need to review the budget items and attempt to approve the budget.  All team accounts should be returned to $25 each year.  (See Theresa and Jean’s notes on copies of budget for changes discussed.)  Given the noted changes to budget by TS and JA, Bob made a motion to approve the budget as amended (JF and MN second) all accepted; motion carried.


B.       Audit Review – Executive Committee Written Responses – Jean presented what the executive committee and Bob wrote up as responses to the Audit Review – Jackie questioned how the overage money will be spent – that was not discussed at this meeting.  These were more procedural recommendations.  Chris Drews will still work on the details for his sessions.


New Business


a.     Election Process – Chris was not present until later, so this will be moved to next month’s meeting.


b.     ACE Coordinator – Chris mentioned that per District 1 we (our President?) needs to appoint an ACE Coordinator for our association.


c.         Volunteer Deposit and Online Registration – Paul Dulin – here on behalf of he and his wife Heidi – last 2 board meetings this was discussed and he wasn’t here – the volunteer amount raised from $150 to $200 and hours changed from 6 to 12 – last year all checks were returned – did volunteer checks get returned to people who didn’t pay ice bills?  Don’t know and not related to this.  Most assns do this kind of program –checks won’t be cashed – principal issue – all board members and Torri should be exempt but they are not – why time doubled if all checks received – Torri read off all the tasks that can be included in the volunteer hours this year – Paul thinks there are families that can’t put in 12 hours – exceptions may be made – continued discussion about what other assns do – team penalties – some families don’t want to volunteer and are OK with us cashing their checks and that’s wonderful – more discussion ensued.  Possible suggestions for next year – once coaches are rostered their checks could be returned, jersey repairs could be added to volunteer list of tasks, and checks could be returned when volunteer duties are done if needed.  


d.        Player Clinic and the Contractor – Jackie – contract needs to be signed next month – Mark will address in his roundtable.  Skills clinics – need to know ice hours – will also be discussed in Mark’s roundtable.


Board Roundtable:

President: Tom Lucarelli. – not present, see questions sent to Jean – Mark will address these in his roundtable.


Questions to be asked for Tom L in his absence:


Evaluators - who will be doing the tryout evaluations this year?  Has a company been hired or will it be individuals?  Do we know what will the cost be – not a concern just curious?


Warm-ups - why will there be 3 warm ups after tryouts?  What about kids that need to miss some of the first 3?


Because switched tryouts to be before warm-ups now each level has a tryout on a Wednesday night (Religion, Confirmation) instead of warm-up.


How do these changes impact the football schedule?


Coaches – Have the coaches selection committees been formed if more than 1 applicant for a level?


Vice President: Monica Crandall. – Monica needs to get a check to Heidi and Paul for parade expenses – gave receipts to Theresa to pay.  Monica has volunteer information – fundraising committee is looking for help – put on website and send out email.  Back to school nights going well – most schools covered except Bel Aire.  Need flyers to give out – Jeanne will talk about this during her roundtable.

Secretary: Jean Aukee.
– Reminder that input for the newsletter is due on the 1st of each month.  If you don’t have anything, please reply to my email saying that.  If you have a written report that can be emailed to me for the minutes, please do so.  Thanks.


Treasurer: Theresa Spiering. – Theresa talked enough about the budget and she has nothing left to add.


Girls Program Coordinator: Mike Nundahl. – Mike continues to work on a co-op with SLP for 14U.  Planning coaches meeting.  Looking at A or B team for 12U.  New people interested in coaching and new girls interested in playing.  Get girls registered so know numbers.  Mike will send information to Monica and Paul because they are working on the Back to School Nights.

Initiation Program Coordinator: Bob Gabler
. – Meeting this Saturday with Theresa to finalize mite accounts.  10 initiation coaches – talk about levels and recruitment.  Would like list of who registered to date so can find those who haven’t registered yet.


Boys Program Coordinator: Mark Rupp. – Mark’s actual notes are below.  Here are just a few additions:  Mark asked Torri to send him the tryout process from the website – she will email it to Jean (for secretary records) and Mark.  Selection committee hopes to have coaches announced before tryouts – at least by age level (squirts, peewees and bantams), perhaps not by team level (A, B or C).  Mark will provide board with coach’s manual for their review.  Question - with no B squirts, can our kids be waived out to play on another district 1 B team?  Yes, that’s a District 1 rule.  Tom M would need to waive them out of our district. 


Thank you to everyone for their thoughts, prayers and kind words during these last 45 days during my mothers’ terminal illness and subsequent passing.  Some have stepped up to do various tasks, and I thank those as well.

Warm up and try out schedules – The schedule is complete and has been posted and distributed.  The schedule tries very hard to take into account a number of conflicts.  Jeff Martin (Irondale High School Boys Hockey team coach) will be running this years warm ups.  He will also be on the ice for our try outs as well.  Try outs this year will be between two sets of ice times.  The second set of ice times is pretty exciting as Jeff and his staff has agreed to run age appropriate High School type practices.

Evaluators – We will have independent evaluators for all our try outs this fall.  These folks will have no relationship with Irondale.

Coaches – A coach selection committee is very close to being formed.  It will comprise of 5 members, Tom Lucarelli, Mike Martinjako, Jeff Martin, myself and one additional person.  Our task will be to interview all coaching candidates and make appropriate choices for our kids.  The goal is to have all head coaches identified before try outs begin.  

Team Tournaments – Tournaments have been identified for all teams at all levels.  We have yet to register for any of these tournaments yet, except for ones we host, but will register our teams soon.  The main goal was to identify tournament where of kids have a very good chance to compete.

Levels of play – I think these have already been verbalized, but to confirm them: (Bantam A/C, Peewee A/B/C, Squirt A/C).  These were determined with careful thought and consideration to a number of factors, one of which is where our kids can compete. 

Coach’s manual - As stated at earlier meetings, we will have one this year.  One is very close to being finished.  This manual will contain many things to support our coaches.  However one important item is a list of appropriate skill sets from USA Hockey for each level of play.  These will be expected to be introduced and taught at each level so as kids advance throughout the various levels, subsequent coaches will have an expectation of what kids will have already been taught.   It will be kind of like building blocks.  All our coaches will need to agree to the manual contents and sign off on it.


District Representative: Chris Drews. – see his report below (with some of my additions):


All, we have the opportunity to have a league consisting of district 1 and district 3 for Bantam A,B,C and Peewee A&B.  This would be a home and home schedule.  Squirt A&B would play everyone once or an unbalanced schedule depending on team count at each level.


We need an ACE coordinator - someone who is the go to for coaching – Tom L needs to appoint?


We need to inventory our HEP material and report to Terry Evavold – if we don’t have anything or we used it, we can just say that and we will get new stuff


Need # of Players at each level – need for MN hockey


MN hockey pushing for a Parent code of conduct – too much paper work for what it is worth – Chris will vote no on our behalf – or suggest adding it to the player code of conduct


Oct 4th at Herb Brooks Center, New Parent welcome to Hockey and what to expect, also level 1 certification - FREEBIE


We have $500 for marketing again so get me some receipts


We host Bantam A and U14B regionals.


We host Junior Gold State


Ref fees have gone up for the upcoming season

We are only allowed a maximum of 4 scrimmages in conjunction with tryouts, see Chris if you want to know how to possibly get around this


Jackie question for Chris – how does DIST 3 schedule games?  Chris will find out and let her know.


Ice Commissioner: Jackie Rog.  – things are rolling along – done super rink and shoreview splits – confirming information – some NE (Edison?) ice and some Coliseum ice – also looking at Augsburg and U of M lists – will take ice to the calendar and then look at tournaments and make sure things shake out – ice costs – SSR is $185, Ramsey County is $155 to $165 and Coliseum and U of M are $185.  Waiting to here from Chris Drews regarding old fashioned game scheduling – see Chris D email - DIST 3 (A and B) and DIST 1 (C would stay).

Registration Coordinator: Jeanne Falconer. –- Will we be having another in person registration?  Yes, at the Let’s Try Hockey Event on September 14th (Monica will send details to Torri).  Jackie will rent meeting room – board members will be there with laptops – older kids out there with new kids.  Needs to be communicated – need someone to deliver flyers to schools – flyers need to be approved – don’t want to send things out first week – do half page flyers.  Jeanne needs to check PO Box – make sure we are getting all the registration payments and paperwork.  Also need to get all coaches to sign the screening forms and get them to Jeanne.  Is IYHA going to place an ad in the Boy’s (and Girl’s) IHS program again?  Can wait and decide in September at next meeting.  Would be $100 for a full page ad.  Mike N made a motion to support the boys and girls HS programs by donating $100 to each program – JR second – all approved; motion carried.

Equipment Manager: Tom Johnson. – Socks and Initiation Program jerseys coming soon.  New equipment program - 10 people will be fitted at Dave’s – any additional ones for $75 from Dave’s (that the assn could buy).  Another offer from Dave’s can get skates for $40.  Tom will have an equipment exchange in the future.  Torri thinks we have 3 or 4 new families already registered.  Should we give it to the first 10 new skaters?  Should we add it to the school flyer that Dave’s will outfit the first so many new skaters and then only $75 for the next ones.  We should tell the families that already registered that they will be offered that equipment – names will be sent to Tom Johnson – new skater to IYHA and only one per family.  Tom – old goalie equipment should be used – instead of doing a garage sale – give out to anyone to use at home.  Dan Marcoullier reviewed the goalie stuff to see what should be used and what shouldn’t.  Tom will give Jean the back up key to the storage room at Bright Wood.   


Standing Reports:


Player and Coach Development: Mark Rupp. –– Mark’s actual notes are below.  Here are just a few additions:  Tadd’s contract should be reviewed at the next board meeting in September.  The Player and Coach Development Committee will be more structured this year.  Should the skills clinic position be advertised from year to year instead of just using Tadd?  There was a 5 year commitment to the program not necessarily to Tadd – process should be started in February of next year – this is the 3rd year of this program – how do we measure the success of the clinics?  Need some kind of continuation of the committee – results are tangible – committee members should be able to subjectively measure if it is working – Jeff O is the current chair – communicate when next meeting will be if others may want to attend – core committee meetings in addition to meetings with the membership – Jackie wants the committee’s dreams to come true this year.


I have spoken to some members informally and for the most part are eager to participate again.  I also plan to add at least 1 new member (Mike Martinjako).  I also have spoken to Tadd Tuomie who has agreed to do our skills clinics again this year.  Our committee will be sitting down with Tadd to map out this strategy.  Tadd’s contract will be modeled after his prior year contracts, but with some modifications.  This new contract will be coming before the board at a future meeting.   Current members are Jeff Opperman, Jeff Martin, Mark Hentges, Bob Gabler, Mike Nundahl, and I.

Lake Region: Jeanne Falconer. – Niki sent annual reports to Jeanne because none of us were at LR meeting (due to registration in person night) – no income because we are being taxed so high on pull tabs etc – she passed them around for us to see – Mark and Mary Ann will attend the September meeting – please bring questions for them – Rick McKelvie retiring his position – Sue Kranz will take over that position – we need to vote her in  - Bob G made a motion to accept Sue Kranz as the new LR member (CD second) – all approved, motion carried.  Is Mr Dalnes still going to be a member? Yes.  We had a poster from LR set up at registration night – we used to get $50,000 to $80,000 in the olden days.

Fundraising Committee:  Monica Crandall. – Rich will be the chair – meeting Sept 8th.  Colleen Law will be our liaison to the assn for the Moes association fundraiser on the 27th.  We can pick her brain for ideas – someone needs to contact her – Rich or Monica.

Additional business:


Torri – how often want information out of the registration system?  Weekly if changes.  Torri needs all our information for registration etc. more timely so can be out on the website – please send an email regarding returning players need to register by August 31st – need to know team numbers – need to have money in - Edison can register with us per Tom Mickus.


Motion to adjourn meeting (TS) (BG); motion carried. Meeting adjourned at 9:09 p.m.

Would you like to have something published in the newsletter? Please contact Jean Aukee. Would you like something on the Web Site? Contact Torri Johnson at Information you share is helpful in keeping our members up to date about activities of the Irondale Youth Hockey Association! (The deadline for the next month’s newsletter is the first of each month.) Thank you!