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One of our Coaches is here to answer your questions!

Question submitted November 24th

Hey Coach!  Why do they use wax for sticks?  
Coach says
Using wax on the blade of a hockey stick allows for better control and spin of the puck.
There's also a friction tape that is wax coated that provids the same function
In my opinion, wax was originally used to prolong the life of the tape on the stick.




Questions from the November 12th 2007 Hockey Moms Knight Out that were submitted before the event and answered afterward:

Please explain back-checking and fore-checking
Coach says:
back checking - is in the defensive zone (where OUR goalie is)
fore checking -  is in the offensive zone (where THEIR goalie is)
*Both are manuvers to get control of the the puck.

Why is hockey so cold?
Coach says:
Because they haven't invented warm ice yet

Where can seat warmers be purchased?
Coach says:
Seatwarmers can be purchased at Dave's Sports or Gander Mountain

Does Irondale provide daycare for games and practices?
Coach says:
YES!  Irondale DOES provide daycare for games and practices. It's called ask OTHER parents!

Besides the player's age - what is different between Squirt - PeeWees - Bantams?
Coach says:
You can NOT check until PEE WEE age

Do HEP points still exist?
Coach says:
Yes, HEP points still exist

Why is it that sometimes a team will have one of its players in the penalty box - but there are still the same number of skaters on the ice?
Coach says:
THAT only happens when there is a 10 minute misconduct. /i.e. checking from behind or other intent to injure penalty