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How Much Will It Cost in 2007-2008?

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Volunteer to keep costs low

The Irondale Youth Hockey Association (IYHA) tries to keep the cost of hockey participation affordable while also ensuring that the kids participating get the ice time and the skills training necessary to develop and compete.  To keep costs low, many, many hours of volunteer time are donated to the cause.  Team coaches, managers and treasurers are all volunteers.  The association board members volunteer the time necessary to do those jobs, which includes much more than the monthly meetings.  We need parents to volunteer for these jobs and for help running our tournaments and other fundraising and organizing activities.  This year we are requiring a deposit, paid at the time of registration, which sill be refunded if a minimum number of volunteer hours are worked.

Participate in Assocation Fundraising Activities

We also try to keep families costs low by extensive fundraising.  Each member of our association belongs to the Lake Region Hockey Association which runs charitable gambling operations at local establishments and makes contributions to youth hockey assocations and other youth sports activities.  The tournaments run by IYHA and the Mounds View Youth Hockey Association also raise significant funds.  These tournament profits raised appx $20,000 last year, reducing each IYHA participant's cost by over $75.  Other fundraising and donations to IYHA totaled over $5,000.

Organize and Participate in Team Fundraising Activities

The individual teams formed within IYHA also do their own fundraising.  The result of these efforts varied significantly from team to team depending mostly on the initiative of the team parents and coaches.  The amounts raised last season varied from less than one hundred to several thousand dollars.

What are we Paying For

The primary expense in the cost of youth hockey is ice time, for the coming year it is expected to range an average of $165 per hour.  64% of the cost of youth hockey paid to the association is attributable to ice time.  Other costs include game referees, equipment, clinic instructors and fees paid to USA Hockey, MN Hockey, District 1 and various expenses of running a youth hockey assocation.

What will it Cost this year?

The following table includes estimated costs of play at the different levels within IYHA.  The IYHA cost is billed to the teams for ice time, association fees, tournaments paid for by the association, clinic costs and administrative expenses.  The Team Cost includes team parties, sweatshirts or warmup suits, extra scrimmages or tournaments, and other things which may be arranged for by the individual teams.  These do not include deductions for team fundraising activities.  Nor do they include the cost of the skates, sticks and other equipment parents furnish for their children.  IYHA does maintain an inventory of used, donated equipment available upon request to our equipment manager.  These costs also do not include the cost of attending tournaments, which for out-of-town tournaments would include hotels and meals.

Est. IYHA Cost per Player
Est. Add’l Team Cost per Player
Mini-mite, C Mite, U8
A & B Mite

Help for Families in Need

IYHA and Lake Region both have a limited amount of funding for families who need help.

If you have any questions about IYHA finances please do not hesitate to send an email to the IYHA Treasurer which can be found HERE