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Leftover practice jerseys?  Make this cool pillow using the following instructions from Family Fun Magazine.  This is reprinted with permission.

Do NOT use your Irondale Game jerseys for this project.  Return those to the Association after the season is over.

Thank you to Hockey Mom Sherri Jobin for showing us this project at the November 12, 2007 Hockey Moms Knight Out.

This is reprinted with permission.
(c) FAMILYFUN 2005 © FamilyFun
T-shirt Pillow
T-shirt Pillow

Turn your child's team shirt into a postseason souvenir that
she can enjoy all year long.
T-shirt, prewashed
Scissors and pinking shears
Square preformed pillow (ours was 12 inches)
Cotton fabric, prewashed (optional)
Iron-on adhesive (we used HeatnBond UltraHold)

Time needed: About 2 to 3 Hours
1. From the front or back of the shirt, cut a square at least 3 inches larger than the pillow. Cut another square the same size from the cotton fabric (or from the other side of the T-shirt).

2. Line the edges of the back of one square with strips of adhesive and iron them in place according to the package directions.

3. Remove the paper backing from 3 strips, lay the other fabric square on top (right side out), and iron together the edges.

Step 4 - T-shirt Pillow 4. Insert the pillow, remove the paper backing from the last strip, and iron together the open edges. For a decorative finish, trim the edges of the pillow with pinking shears.