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Irondale Youth Hockey Association
Note: Location and Time change
Annual Board of Directors meeting
: Thursday April 19, 2007 at 6:00 p.m.
Elections Meeting will start approximately 7:30 p.m.
in the Hanson Park Neighborhood Center, New Brighton, MN.
Address: IYHA, PO Box 120114, New Brighton, MN   55112 Web:
From Tom Lucarelli, IYHA President:
Ok, it’s time to start flooding the outdoor rinks again. What is up with the weather?
Not to much to report this month: ice schedules are being worked on, registration forms being evaluate and work will begin to update IYHA handbook for the upcoming season.
I will attend the District #1 Presidents meeting the middle of April to discuss the status if District #1 overall - including waiver policy’s, game scheduling and the number of teams playing at each level.
Good Luck to all the association members running for IYHA Board positions in the April election.
Tom Lucarelli
Annual Meeting and Elections Meeting:
The Annual meeting and the Elections Meeting will be held at Hanson Park in the Neighborhood Center on Thursday, April 19, 2007. The ANNUAL Meeting of the Board of Directors will be held at 6:00 p.m. The ELECTIONS meeting will start at approximately 7:30 p.m. The first fifteen minutes or so of the election meeting will be for candidate introductions to be followed by the election of Board members in order as directed by the IYHA bylaws.
Thank you. 
Bantam C Team Update: The Bantam C team played in District 3 this season because there are no Bantam C teams in District 1. We finished the regular season in 3rd place with a record of 8-7-1. The District 3 yearend tournament was a round robin tournament and the 3rd place team gets to play the 1st place team in the 1st game so we started with Brooklyn Park. They had a regular season record of 13-1-2 with their only loss, a 1-0 game, coming in a very exciting game with us. It was a great game to watch. The Brooklyn Park coaches later told me we came out like a tornado!!  The Knights scored 1st but not until the 2nd period. Brooklyn Park tied it up a few minutes later. The Knights then scored 2 more goals when Brooklyn Park could not stay out of the penalty box to take a 3-1 lead. The very strong Brooklyn Park team then scored 2 goals in the last 2 min. to tie it up. Since it was a round robin tournament the game ended in a tie.
Brooklyn Park then shut out their 2nd opponent so the Knights had to win their second game against Wayzata and get a shutout and the next tiebreaker was penalty min. They won the game 3-0 while only getting 4 penalties in the first 2 games total!!
Then it was on to the Championship game with another District 1 team Edgecumbe. Edgecumbe started fast with a goal only 21 seconds into the game. Both teams then settled into an action filled game with no more scoring until the Knights knocked one in with 3:45 to go in regulation. The game then went to an overtime period of 4on4 with 5 minutes run time on the clock. Within 2 minutes the Knights scored to win the District 3 Championship!!!!
It was a great season for the Bantam C Knights with an 8-7-1 regular season record and 2 second place trophies and a Consolation Championship in tournaments and a tournament record of 8-7-0!! With our playoff record of 2-0-1 they had an overall record of 18-14-2!!!!!   Congratulations Bantam C Knights!!!  Dave Lark, Manager, IYHA Bantam C
From Jim Cich:
Thank You!
There are three people completing their terms on the IYHA Board; Randy Bortot, Niki Gjere and Tom Welty. Randy also coaches his younger son’s team and, along with older son Lance, helped some of our goalies develop their skills during the season. Every Board member ends up on the hook for extra duties, but Niki and Tom have gone far beyond the boundaries of their stated position to contribute in countless ways towards the benefit of the Irondale boys and girls. 
Three other people came to the rescue last summer when three Board positions became suddenly vacant. Mike Nundahl and Jackie Rog stepped into high pressure roles as the Girls Program Coordinator and Ice Director. Tom Lucarelli gets my personal gratitude, for he stepped forward to take over as President, initially vacated by myself. Tom is well suited for the position, showing care, patience and compassion. It takes several months to adapt to the President position. Tom did that in the heat of the season. Thank you Randy, Niki, Tom, Mike, Jackie and Tom.
Jim Cich
From Niki Gjere, Secretary
I have worked as IYHA Secretary for the past 6 years. In that time, I have had the privilege of working with several great people on the Board of Directors. residents Fiegel, DeKanick, Cich, Sentieri, and Lucarelli have coordinated the work of the members of the various Boards and committees. All have been instrumental in their ways at improving our Association.
I learned that there are many hard working people contributing tremendous amounts of time and talent behind the scenes—all to move our Association forward. There are many opinions out there, some more vocal than others, and at the heart of all of the discussion, disagreements and hard work is the belief we need to do the best thing for the kids.
One of our past presidents used to say, and I have seen this posted on the walls of rinks—“Let the coaches coach, the parents cheer, and the players play.” This is what I have held close in my philosophy in my work on the Board.
Thank you for allowing me to serve you these past six years.
Niki Gjere, Secretary
Irondale Youth Hockey Association
Candidates for Board of Directors positions
Mark Hentges, Candidate for President.
I would like to declare myself as a candidate for President of the Irondale Youth Hockey Association (herein referred to as IYHA).
My son and a daughter have been in the Initiation Program for three years and another daughter spent two years in the Initiation Program prior to retiring to pursue swimming and other athletic endeavors. All the kids have had a terrific time being part of IYHA. I have also been very actively involved in IYHA: coaching Mite teams for three years, attending many Board meetings, being an active member of both the Player and Coach Development Committee and the Ice Committee, fund raising, volunteering at tournaments, and running several warm-up sessions. I’m convinced that we, as an Association, have made great decisions in adding a significant amount of additional in-door ice time, hiring a Player and Coach Development Coordinator and in requiring that all teams participate in weekly or bi-weekly skills clinics. These and other initiatives will continue to bring excitement, fun and a positive “we can compete” attitude to IYHA. 
From a personal perspective, I have been fortunate to have played quite a bit of hockey, at both amateur and professional levels (on good and challenged teams – I have compassion for both), have coached at many summer hockey schools (Herb Brooks and John Bazzachini) and have assisted with player evaluations for various teams/associations. I love the game of hockey and enjoy being on the ice with kids from all levels.
I stand for skills development, high expectations and the fact that hockey is all about the kids. In addition, I believe in openness of communications and clear decisions from the Board and parents.
Thank you for considering me for this board position.
Sincerely, Mark Hentges
Peter Jordan, Candidate for President
Dear IYHA members;
My name is Peter Jordan, I live in New Brighton and I have a son in the initiation level of Irondale hockey.  I would very much like to throw my name in the hat for the position of President of the board.  I feel that the Irondale hockey association can be one of the best in the state.  This will clearly require much hard work - and I am willing to due everything I can as president to bring us to this level. I serve on many boards across the state (for profit and non-profit) and feel that my experience in leading organizations towards excellence will help in making IYHA a hockey association one that produces hockey players that are highly skilled and have a love for the game. It is my belief that by involving the community, parents, and most importantly the kids we can achieve this goal. I truly want this to be the best experience for the kids. I work with literally hundreds of people ever day in running my companies and feel through these experiences, and the leadership ability that I have gained we can make Irondale hockey the best.
Thank you in advance for your consideration
Sincerely, Peter Jordan
Tom Lucarelli, Candidate for President.
I have had the privilege to serve as President of the Irondale Youth Hockey Association for the past six months. I have come to realize that it takes a huge commitment to make an association successful starting with the players, parents, coaches and continuing right up to the elected volunteers who serve on the board.
My two sons have been involved in the IYHA for the past seven years and will be at the Bantam and PeeWee levels for the upcoming season. I thoroughly enjoy being involved in all youth sports and have coached baseball and hockey over the past seven years.
To continue to build this association a dedicated effort to the Initiation Program must be maintained. We must also be open to all avenues to strengthen our boys and girls traveling teams. We can be successful but it takes a concerted effort from all of us.
This year saw the implementation of Player Development Clinics to improve both skating and stick handling skills as well as Goalie Clinics designed to keep our net minders sharp between the pipes. We must continue to develop our kids and strive to keep improving.
I truly believe we all share the same objective; we want our kids to enjoy the game and be competitive. It is inevitable that there will be differences in how we get to the end result. If we stay focused and open to all ideas, opinions and suggestions, our program will truly benefit.
I would like to continue to be involved with IYHA and am declaring myself a candidate for President of IYHA.
Thank you, Tom Lucarelli
Jean Aukee, Candidate for Secretary
Hello IYHA,
My name is Jean Aukee and I would like to be considered for the board position of Secretary.
My husband Dale and I have been involved in Irondale Youth hockey since our son started playing in the fall of 2000.  We also have a daughter, who is older, but didn’t start until the fall of 2002.  So, next year we will have a Pee Wee and 14U player.  Our daughter actually played with Spring Lake Park this last season along with several other Irondale girls because the 2 individual associations didn’t have enough girls on their own.  Being exposed to another association was very enlightening and therefore I have some ideas I could share with our association.
Our whole family loves hockey.  We have season tickets to the Minnesota Wild and I love the Gophers even though my husband likes the Bulldogs.  We also love what the game of hockey has done for our kids as far as learning teamwork, building self confidence and making friends.  (We have met some extremely nice parents over the years too!)
I was the Treasurer at Pinewood Elementary School for 2 years and really enjoyed working with the kids and doing things that benefited them, the staff and the school.  I work part-time as a quality assurance analyst and have a keen sense for detail and believe strongly in following proven processes and procedures.  We need to build on the efforts we have achieved in the past and strive towards the future.  My focus will be on what is best for all the players, parents, coaches and the association as a whole.
Trini Marcouiller, Candidate for Secretary
My name is Trini Marcouiller and I would like to officially submit my name for the position of Secretary for the Irondale Youth Hockey Association. I have 4 children, 3 of whom have skated with our Irondale program. The two oldest have finished their hockey careers, at least for now, and my youngest will be starting with the boys traveling program next season. Hockey has been a huge part of our family for the past 12 years, ever since my son started skating as a first grader back in 1995. I have seen the benefits that hockey has brought to my children's lives. I have learned that there is so much more to this than just a game. My children have learned about dedication and commitment, the value of hard work, and how to handle both success and disappointment. Hockey has given so much to my kids and I now have the time to really give back to this program.
I have served as a team manager for both my daughter's U15 team (2001-2002) and my son's A Mite team this past season. I have experience serving as a secretary on various boards. I was the Sunnyside PTA secretary for 2 years as well as the treasurer for one year when my older children were in elementary school. I also served as the secretary for the Irondale Girls Soccer Booster Club for two years.
It is my strong belief that the board's first commitment is to the kids. We, as an association, need to create an environment that is both fun and rewarding for these kids. It is important to give as much as we expect from them. I've seen how hard these kids work and how much they give of themselves. My hope is that the kids can develop into the best hockey players they can be and also develop a sense of pride and accomplishment as they do so. 
District Representative
Chris Drews, Candidate for District Representative
I would like to declare myself as a candidate for the board position of district representative. My name is Chris Drews, and I am the proud father of three boys. Two of which are already in the initiation program. Christopher is a C mite and Jake is a mini mite. Luke, my third child is 2 and will be starting soon. I have been coaching in the initiation program for the past 3 years, during that time I have also attended several board meetings, and worked on several fundraisers and tournaments. During the day I run a chiropractic clinic in Woodbury. I think that I would be an excellent representative for the association. I have great communication skills and truly care about the kids and the future of the program. It would be my pleasure to communicate Irondale's thoughts and concerns to the district, as well as keeping the board up to date with current news and rulings by the district. I feel that I am a very approachable person, and keep in touch with fellow parents to bring their concerns to the board. In closing, I thank you for your consideration for this board position.
Ice Commissioner
Jackie Rog, Candidate for Ice Commissioner
My name is Jackie Rog and I have a son and daughter in the IYHA this year.  I am interested in running for the position of Ice Commissioner.  I have been working with the Max software (Ice scheduling program) that we currently use for IYHA, and throughout several of the arenas. I have worked as the Ice Commissioner for the last 7 monthand have learned a lot , and believe what I have learned will help us in the upcoming years.  I will do my best to do a good job for the players, coaches and parents of the Association.  Thank you.
Equipment Manager
Tom Johnson, Candidate for Equipment Manager
Hi, I'm Tom Johnson, and I wish to be considered for the Equipment Manager's board position, a position for which I feel uniquely qualified.

My son has been in the initiation program for the past three years.  During that time, I have performed many tasks honing my skills as a hockey dad:
1) Performed as team water boy.   2) Tied and untied at least one thousand pair of skates or so if seems.  3) Fitted helmets, mouth guards, breezers, and let's not forget about the socks!  The players need to have great-fitting socks to ensure skates fit properly.  4) Lugged (no wheels) a couple thousand hockey bags or so it seems   5) Managed lost and found, including equipment, kids, and parents.   6) Served as team manager.   7) Assisted with fund raisers and tournaments.  8) Mastered  

Being a resident of New Brighton for the past 20 years and self employed, I have the flexibility to work around parents'/custodians' schedules.   It would be my pleasure to collect used equipment and suit up our Irondale Hockey players!

Thank you for considering me for this board position.  

Tom Johnson
Home:  651-636-7684
Cell:  612-232-0063
IYHA Board Meetings are open meetings.
Please feel free to come to the meetings. If you wish to have a copy of any information which is distributed at any meeting, please email or call Niki and it will be mailed to you. Upcoming dates for 2007 Board meetings are the
third Thursday of every month at 6:30 p.m. Our meetings are held at the New Brighton Family Service Center.
Meetings in 2007: April 19 Regular meeting, followed by Annual Meeting and Election Meeting,
 May 17, June 21, July 19, August 16, September 20, October 18, November 15, December 20.
NOTE: If you wish to be on the agenda for the meeting, please contact Tom Lucarelli, President.
Lake Region Board Meetings:
Lake Region Hockey meetings are open meetings. Contact Jeanne Falconer for dates and times of the next meetings.
Sponsors for teams are listed below. This part of the newsletter will continue throughout the rest of the IYHA season. Please notify Niki Gjere of any additions or corrections. (Please forward information about websites and addresses, etc.) Many thanks to our sponsors!
IYHA: **Lake Region Hockey Association**Minnesota Wild** Torri Johnson**
Team Sponsorships:
12UA:       **FujiYa**
10UB Gold: **FujiYa**
Bantam A: **Cub Foods, St. Anthony**Moe’s**
Pee Wee A: **Minnesota Conway "The Industry Leader"**Response Fire Protection Company**WW Goetsch Associates, Inc.**
Squirt C:  **Caroline Bell Beckman & Law firm of Jensen, Bell, Converse & Erickson, St. Paul, MN**
Once again, many, many thanks to our sponsors! Please support them!
When you see them, please tell them you are from Irondale Youth Hockey.
                Irondale Youth Hockey Association (IYHA) Board Members 2006-2007
Tom Lucarelli
Vice President
Cheryl Mason
651-639-1543 (h)
Tom O’Keefe
651-785-0266 (h)
Niki Gjere
612-273-6439 (w)
651-270-8551 (cell)
612-527-7437 (pager)
Ice Commissioner
Jackie Rog
651-636-6978 (h)
Boys Program Coordinator
Mark Mohar
651-639-1908 (h)
Girls Program Coordinator
Mike Nundahl
651-633-8287 (h)
Initiation Coordinator
Bob Gabler
651-697-4708 (h)
Randy Bortot
763-784-9557 (h)
952-475-4045 (Work)
Jeanne Falconer
763-458-5946 (cell)
651-486-1235 (w)
District Representative
Tom Welty
763-780-4865 (h)
612-508-4833 (cell)
Non-Board Position:
ACE Coordinator
Tadd Tuomie and Player Development Committee
Irondale Youth Hockey Association Board Meeting Minutes:
IYHA Meeting: March 29, 2007Note: These minutes have not been approved. They will be reviewed, corrected as needed, and approved at the next regular Board of Directors Meeting.
Called to order at 6:35 p.m. by President Tom Lucarelli.
Present: Board members: Tom Lucarelli, Jeanne Falconer, Bob Gabler, Mark Mohar, Tom Welty, Mike Nundahl, Tom O’Keefe, Randy Bortot, Jackie Rog, Cheryl Mason
Absent: Niki Gjere
Guests: Torri Johnson, Tim Fredberg, Chris Drews, Trini Marcouiller, Tom Johnson, Jim Cich, Jean Aukee, John Dalnes
Minutes: Motion by RB and 2nd by CM to accept.
Torri Johnson – Website Update –
Tom L. thanked her for stepping up to do this. 2 page guideline handed out and discussion followed. Torri wished to publicly thank Peter for overseeing and taking care of the Website these past years. He did a great job with what he had. Guidelines of content – what is and what shouldn’t be on the site. In general, Torri and Niki have approval to make changes and updates to the site. Torri would like to expand this to the team managers. There are a lot of automatic communications there, that haven’t been used. Photographs – very sensitive subject. She doesn’t like photos of kids on the internet. Names – doesn’t want anything that ties a name into a schedule. Keep that info separate. Doesn’t want names attached to photos either.   Asking about links to external thins like camps, equipment suppliers and such without endorsing anyone. This is all up for discussion. Talk about it next time. Please make this change in the Newsletter: the e-mail address to the IYHA website is:   
Tim Fredberg: Thanks to the website, etc. Congratulations to the C and A Bantams. Fundraising – inundated with money here, money there and have multiple kids in the program – it’s too much. He (his family) has been in the program for 5 years. He loves hockey. When they started, he was very green. He’s been really down and disappointed this year. He doesn’t see things getting better. Referenced Shoreview Baseball. Tim states that we have to learn in this assoc (IYHA) to win. There is declining enrollment in the school district. He talked about the difference of D2 and D1. Thinks IYHA isn’t doing well, looks at adjustment in the level of Bantams this year. He’s asking the association to adjust the levels of the teams. More positives are needed. If it comes to merging or co-opting, then we need to do it. Times and things change and we need to change – change levels or merge. His younger son’s team went to a tournament in Bloomington and played all south suburb teams, not fun.
Tom L. commented that hockey is a passionate sport as we all know.
Jim Cich – 1st time there’s been 2 PeeWee teams in IYHA. He handed out a sheet of statistics for the state on enrollments. Made a statement that Mark had wanted A & C at PeeWee level, but some parents and coaches wanted A & B at PeeWee level. Jim states that D1 is an island in the middle of the city and it loses the most players. There’s been a big drop. Talked about how the A PeeWee teams are usually high caliber and the A Bantams are more diluted – mostly due to losing players. His opinion – better to play B-1 in D2 than A in D1. He’s concerned that D1 will be down to 4 A PeeWee teams because of the high schools taking kids.
Trini interjected that it’s hard to play a 6 – 10 district game schedule. She claims that people don’t want to scrimmage you if they’re going to beat you 12 – 0 because there’s no competition. Jim – we need to consider if D1 is really doing us any good. Jim is against merging with MV, but thinks we should coop or try some things together. Tim was talking to Loren (MV President) about starting the 2 Initiation programs playing together and going from there. Jim – Not even that – just be smart about where we place teams. Jim volunteers to talk to MV to throw ideas around – can’t ignore possibilities. Edison – at a point where they need to do something. Great opportunity to bring them into IYHA. Thinks it’s a natural thing to bring Edison it. Can’t put it off.
Thanks from Tom L.
Round Table:
Tom L. talked to Pat Learhy of Edison. There are only 4 board members still active. Have to go through the motions of a meeting. Tom Mickus will probably step in and D1 will draw boundaries sending some Edison kids here and some to Washburn/Southwest. But he thinks most parents are in favor of coming here. Learhy is hoping (if Edison goes) that he can ask the district to send the skaters to IYHA>. There are 27 Mites, 8 Squirts,? PeeWees, 12 (I might be wrong) Bantams, 5 10U, 7-9 12U and 6 14 U. Right now they’re cooping with other teams – but might be able to bring the girls here too. Tom Mickus and Tom Welty want to send all Edison kids to us.
The Herb Brooks training session - a lot of kids liked it. You get 1 free session per skater.
Tom read Niki’s report – April 1st is the deadline for the newsletter. Has 60 returned surveys and this is better than last year.
Cheryl – She got a check for $5500 from the Jan. weekend of the tournament and expects another $1500 from the trade show. It looks like Sheri Nagan will not be the treasurer next year so we will need 1 from each “side”.
Fundraising - there were 3 for the association. Does it continue to be a free for all at the team level? Will want input. Over the summer we need to work on things – we’re one of the only associations that doesn’t’ have a structured volunteer program. Many have the parents pay up front – so much for each child.   Only head coaches appear to be exempt. Was protocol followed when the March meeting was changed to the 29th.   Bylaws are used to make this decision--Tom L. confirmed that by reading the by-laws.
Mark M. - Has information from Center Piece Catering – for fund raising. It’s very successful. Sell concessions at the Excel and Dome. It’s about 7 hours per night. Get $60 per each person plus commission. Possibly would pay a person’s ice bill. Chris Drews thought it a good idea as did others. Mark commented that one would want the big draws, like the Yankees, Red Sox, etc.
Bob G. Wants to spearhead fundraising volunteer strategy. He has a group that wants to get together to raise money to sponsor free hockey to 1st years. Handle these things by forming a fundraising committee. This was well received.
Tom O. handed out budget and revenue status updates. The total ice bill will be $130,000 this year. Tadd has been paid for his PCD, however, he hasn’t been paid for the warm ups due to the difference in budget of $75 per hour and his bill of $125 per hour. Tom L. will contact Tadd regarding this. Tom received the escrow check of $5000. Jeanne asked if he got a statement and his reply was “no”. I mentioned that it was recommended to me by some LR members that we get a statement with that check – that there should be more money than that. Tom O. will come up with wrap up because April is the end of the fiscal year. The A Bantams still owe some dues.
Mark M. - the A Bantams took 1st place in the KC tournament (went in the back door to do it). The C Bantams won district champions. The IYHA players that will advance in the Select 15 are Jimmy Gjere, Luke DeBruzzi and David Zosel. He thinks the game will be April 21st, but check the MN Hockey website – its’ some great hockey. In the end of year select PeeWee a couple IYHA kids did well.
We can get into the VFW next year (A Bantams) – have to let them know by April 12th. If we get a VFW to sponsor us, it’s very reasonable (cheap).
Mike Nundahl reported there are 10’s and 12’s playing in the spring league; Cheryl reported Squirts are too.
Bob G. – A Mites were in a Como jamboree and won 2 games and lost 1 and had lots of fun. Thanks to Kevin Bourassa – took a ton of pictures – he’s starting a photo company called “Make it Big” and is someone to consider next season for team pictures. For the final costs for the IP, there are some over payments and he sees 3 options – refund checks, put towards next season or donate the money to player development. Putting it towards next season was eliminated as an option.
Back to his fund raising – goal is to raise $7500 and recruit 75 new kids for the next season and they would play for free.
Tom W. – St. Paul Academy will have a B Bantam team playing in D1 next season. Minnehaha Academy too. The district says the private school thing having own bantam teams should be a state level issue. Private schools having Bantams is happening. We did well in supplying volunteers for the district tournaments. Sometimes the number and duties of volunteers that we are told are needed, aren’t quite the same as what it actually turns out to be. But, we did well. Edgecumbe got fined $800 for not supplying volunteers. There is lots of planning for these district tournaments. Next year the district will require 1 person from each Association to serve on a district tournament committee. There is a Presidents’ meeting in April – will discuss the waiver policy and other issues.
It was almost a vote on how many games each team will play each other in the district. The proposal was if there are 7 or fewer teams at a level that each team would play each other 3 times. Vote was tabled.
There are other associations that would like to play us, but D1 (teams) don’t want to drive. Get bigger leagues for more games. What’s a district for if not to play games?
District needs a secretary, tournament director and mite coordinator.
Jackie – handed out some Sept. ice time to Mark and Mike to see what will work for warm ups. Do we want to pay $2860 for 22 hours of ice for a goalie clinic ($130/hr). Discussion on goalie clinic – all free, charge a little, etc. A motion was made to spend up to $2860 on the ice for summer goalie clinic after we make sure there we have enough goalie commitment. Bob put the motion out. JF seconded it and the motion carried.
Jeanne F - mentioned about the USA hockey registration e-mailed out. Question is if we could tack on our Association’s registration as well. Will look into it, Affiliations may have meant MN Hockey.
Randy – 2 teams haven’t turned in jerseys – both Bantam teams. There are 8 individuals that haven’t turned them it. The coaches are aware of this and are dealing with this.
Mark – PCD – regarding the 20,000 puck club – only 4 did it last year. Those 4 did improve. Discussion - we need to keep trying – discussed different ways to do the puck shoot: Motion – have a 2 level program – 10,000 pucks get a T Shirt and 20,000 get a sweatshirt. (BG) (TO), motion carried.
PCD group has to discuss Tadd and the program and do a performance review. Try outs – wants to have Bantams later as the games start later. Talk w/football coach to coordinate football and warm up/try out schedules. The PCD will decide the levels of teams.
Tim – Should the high school coach be more visible? Mark – He’s on the PCD committee and comes to some games. Discussion.
Mark – nail down the fundamentals, starting at the bottom (IP). Next thing we’ll be working on.
3 IHS players going to Duluth: Bortot (select 16), Baker and Eide (17)
Tom L. – good luck to people running for office.
Bob G. motion to adjourn meeting, second Tom W. Motion carried. Meeting adjourned at 9:15 p.m.
Minutes recorded by Jeanne Falconer.
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